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Sullisin'rune Plantations

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Appeared in chapters                                               46             

The main source of the Sulissin'rune food supply, which has gone silent. These plantations represent the clan's first attempt to establish a foothold on the Overworld, following the example of their Sarghress allies and several other clans bidding for power over this regrowing world.

Recently, the plantations had gone silent, and Salan'dara herself traveled to ascertain the reason. But the intent was clear to the Illharess when she spoke to Faen about the lack of Sarghress supplies--the plantations had been attacked by an unknown assailant[1]. Faen herself confirms this when she arrives with Ariel's squad to the ruins. The buildings sustained damage from abnormally large holes[2], likely from Kalki's rain of destruction aboard the stolen Val'Illhar'dro airship.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 46.