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Sullisin'rune dome

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Located in the northeastern corner of Chel'el'Sussoloth, the Sullisin'rune dome is a glowing blue landmark signifying the remnants of a proud nation from the Moons Age. Many outsiders believe the clan to be a lustful, party animal clan, but the truth reveals itself when one sees what's behind the facade Sullisin residents show to the world.

Note: At this time, very little is known about the land they inhabit, so large majority of the following information can be found in one podcast, "Sullisin'rune clan" [1], as well as within the Moonless Age comic. Information is subject to change as new updates on the clan appear in Moonless Age.


The largest dome is an emulation of the surface world, reflecting the clan's nature.

The Sullisin’rune’s most iconic local is the clan’s dome, a crystal enclosure that encompasses their fortress and administrative facilities. Once painted on the exterior in beautiful patterns of gold it has since been picked clean by commoners thinking the paint to be real. The interior is like a slice from the Moon’s Age--no architecture anywhere more closely resembles that of old than what is found within. Ferals dot the landscape nearly as heavily as drow, usually delegated to the more menial tasks of tending to their masters and the upkeep of the fortress.

Inside, a visitor will immediately notice that the roof of the dome simulated a day/night cycle (compared to Orthorbbae's permanent night sky) with various weather effects, and there are fountains, gardens and mana trees carefully tended by feral servants. Golems walk the streets at their masters' bidding. Neighborhoods are meticulously cleaned and maintained so not even a smudge of dirt is to be seen on any of their many gorgeous statues. One could say that the environment of the Suls almost feels forced.

Rules and regulations inside Sullisin'rune lands are nearly identical to what the old nation's customs would have been; for instance, Ash'waren is the absolute monarch in Sul lands, making the world of this clan almost like a totalitarian regime.

The Sullisins also own plantations on the surface, though currently there are problems with getting in contact with them in order to funnel supplies to the Val'Sarghress. As well, the dome itself saw roits break out, outside of its protective walls--poor commoners that had been squatting in the Sul lands found a way past defenses, and looted much of the ground floor of the central dome. [2]


Inside the dome, visitors and residents alike are subject to a variety of feelings and sensations courtesy of the numerous empaths the clan is known for. Residents are careful to hide their thoughts and maintain even feelings at all times, lest they disturb nearby empaths with chaotic emotions. The famous Sul parties are hedonistic venues disguised as opportunities for Suls to gather information and make contact with important guests--visitors may not even know that their thoughts are being examined and picked at by Sul hostesses.

It is possible that a large majority of Sullisins are related to the Illhar'ress in some way, as Ash'waren has had so many daughters that she cannot keep track of them all. Most inhabitants live inside the dome, but there are some that choose to get away from the noise and bustle of the main dome and make for one of the residencies throughout the clan's lands.

Those that choose to live outside of the dome will either have their own smaller domes for their sub house or branch family, or they live on the farmlands surrounding the main dome. However, families that live inside the dome tend to look down on those that don't. There is also a number of poor and homeless that ring the dome (this number has increased greatly since the war with the Vel'Sharen began), and they constantly hound visitors and Sul residents alike in hopes of seeking work or some other attachment to escape poverty.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 43.