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Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress

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Suu'be was the commander of the Val'Sarghress Home Guard and the Dev'ess of House Nori'fu. She is the mother of Koil'dorath Nori'fu Val'Sarghress, and she was one of Quain'tana's oldest friends and allies.

Appearance and Personality

Suu'be has a rough personality and a physique to match. She is hardened, masculine, and tough as nails. She has a short temper that is quick to flare, and she is defensive about what she deserves.

Biography - Background

Suu'be and her partner Mandroga have been a part of the Sarghress clan since its humble beginnings. She fought alongside Quain'tana during the conquest of Machike'Shikumo, and is the Commander of one of the Sarghress clan's largest legions. It was no surprise when her daughter, Koil'dorath Val'Sarghress was legally adopted by Quain'tana and made heir to the clan.

It came as a shock to Suu'be to find that Quain'tana had also declared Ariel Val'Sarghress as her heir. Suu'be pressed the issue, questioning Ariel's parentage. Koil'dorath genuinely did not mind being passed over for a daughter of Quain'tana herself, but Suu'be resented the decision.

She grew bitter, defensive, and assertive. She disregards Ariel as her technical superior and has been shown to refuse to listen to anyone below her in the chain of command. She is currently posted at the Val'Sarghress fortress, and is in charge of the home base until Quain'tana returns.

Biography - Arc I

Summoning the Devesses

Suu'be arrived with the other Val'Sarghress clan Devesses, following Quain'tana's meeting with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen. Upon the revelation of a new blood heir, Suu'be showed surprise, commenting that it was a miracle from Sharess. Afterwards, she questioned Quain'tana regarding the issue of having two heirs, to with Koil'dorath claimed that she had no care for politics - she would serve the next Ill'haress as she had Quain'tana.[1]

Moon's End Festival

Upon Ariel's return from her Blood Rite, Quain'tana opted to take her report of her travels on wolf-back. Suu'be objected, stating that the girl was untrained, and offered to have Ariel left in their care in order to train her properly. Quain'tana grew angry, telling Suu'be that if she could go to the old world and back without training, then she could get on a wolf's back on her own.[2]

Biography - Arc II

Main article: The District War

Commanding the Home Guard

Suu'be refuses to take the advice of lower ranking clansmen.

During the District War, Suu'be was left in command of the Home Guard forces, putting her in effective command over the Val'Sarghress Fortress and its remaining troops. When Devkan attempted to convince her to send a force to intercept the Sharen forces returning from Nuqrah'shareh and hold the access tunnel, she angrily refused, telling the Raiders that she was in charge until Quain'tana returned, not Quill'yate.[3]

Shortly after the two Sarghress left, Ariel entered, attempting to introduce Wafay Val'Jaal'darya, who was looking to hire several squads. Suu'be immediately berated Ariel, accusing her of strutting in like she owned the place, and told the younger drow that her val title meant nothing, for all she cared. Afterwards, Suu'be calmed down, allowing Ariel to introduce Wafay to her as well as offer a report of trouble within the Val'Jaal'Darya clan.

Suu'be eventually agreed to send a squad of specialists with Wafay, telling her that the only reason she was being taken seriously was that she had the money to pay for hiring the squad. The squad would take time to form, forcing Wafay to wait several days in the Sarghress guest quarters.[4]

The Puppeteer Incident

Suu'be reported in to Quain'tana along with the other Devesses, advising her to take the offer from the Vel'Sharen to form an alliance. She also mentioned that their reserves were dangerously low, and that the Sharen could not be the only ones capable of interrupting that many supply lines.

Suu'be reports the growing supply problem.

During the meeting, the subject of potentially exchanging hostages with the Sharen in order to ensure their cooperation was brought up Suu'be immediately advised Quain'tana to offer them Ariel, as the Vel'Sharen might not know of her new granddaughter yet and would think they were holding her sole heir. She followed the offer with another comment that Ariel was always getting into trouble, and to let the Sharen keep an eye on her this time.[5] Before the discussion could be completed, however, the attack of the Demon God began.

Preparing To Attack Snadhya'rune's Tower

After the Puppeteer Incident, the Devesses met once again to discuss strategy now that the District War had been brought to a tentative peace. They were joined by Sil'lice Val'Sharen, who had returned from her mission to recruit the Kavahini Clan. The Sharen renegade reported that their venture had failed due to their forces being split prematurely, resulting in their inability to take Felde from Snadhya'rune. Suu'be advised that Koil'dorath could depart within a week at the head of a legion to end the conflict with the First Daughter.[6]

Mimaneid's status was an ally was unconfirmed, as their leader had been injured in the assault and the Sharen forces were unsure where they stood now. Quain'tana commented that this matched what the clan knew, as every clan in the alliance had had members in attendance. Suu'be commented that her "brat" had been in attendance as well. When Sil'lice was told that they had made peace with Zala'ess, she told the assembled leadership that it was a mistake, to which Suu'be agreed, commenting that she had been trying to convince Quain'tana of the same thing. Quain'tana then ordered Suu'be to provide her with two hundred of the Home Guard to assist with the attack on Snadhya'rune's tower in Chel.[7]

Sarghress Clan Civil War

Quain'tana accuses Suu'be of plotting against her.

After Quain'tana's poisoning, Suu'be was present during the healing session, where a Val'Sullisin'rune healer attempted to remove damaged tissue from the Ill'haress' face. While listening to the painful cries of the Ill'haress, Suu'be commented that someone else should be leading the clan in order to give Quain'tana time to heal properly.[8] Ariel asked Koil'dorath if she would take charge, to which Koil refused, saying that her place was on the battlefield. Suube then began to berate Ariel, claiming that Koil would lead the clan, not her, accusing her once again of being spoiled. Quain'tana appeared behind Suu'be, having heard her vocal commentary, and immediately confronted the commander, accusing her of trying to replace her. As she attempted to ask forgiveness for her words, the words seemed to only enrage the increasingly paranoid Quain'tana, who began to savagely beat Suu'be, declaring that those who plotted behind her back would not survive her passing.[9]

Koil'dorath stepped in before the beating became fatal, begging Quain'tana to stop. She pointed out that while Suu'be was opinionated and foul mouthed, she was still loyal to the clan. When Quaintana demanded to know if Koil was siding with Suu'be and turning against her too, Koil denied it, instead continuing to reason with the Ill'haress. Quain'tana finally relented, saying that politics were the reason she was stuck with Suu'be, and that it was for Koil that she would spare Suu'be.[10] Suu'be was then carried into the nearby room to be tended to by the healer, who quietly whispered in the commander's ear, asking why anyone would serve such a brute.[11]

Suu'be rallies the Home Guard to try to subdue Quain'tana.

The next day, the healer began another attempt to treat Quain'tana. Suu'be escorted the Ill'haress to the healer's room and then left, shooting a glare at Ariel again as she left. Later, the alarm was raised as Quain'tana went berserk during the healer's ministrations, having been driven mad by the poison and pain. Suu'be rallied the Home Guard in order to subdue the enraged Ill'haress, hoping to force her to return to the healers for treatment. When Quain'tana ordered the soldiers to stand down, Suu'be refused, countering that Quain had given them orders to keep the clan together, even if it meant going against Quain'tana herself.

While the standoff was occuring, Koil's squad was sent to extract Quain'tana's young grandchildren from their quarters, although the reason for doing so is still unknown. Instead of the squad returning with the children in hand, however, Faen ran into the square, holding Pup and Octobear and crying out that Vene had been murdered. Suu'be threw a glare at a confused Ulbaga. Quain'tana's anger regained some steam as she accused Suu'be of being behind not only the death of her grandchild, but also of the poisoning, mutiny and disastrous failure of the healer.[12] As the Ill'haress charged at Suu'be, Mandroga intercepted her, ordering that the others seal her up in stone.

As more and more extreme attempts to subdue Quain'tana failed, attempts to convince her to calm down became interrupted by archers continuing to attempt to assassinate Faen and the remaining grandchildren. The Ill'haress then attempted a suicidal charge towards Suu'be, hoping to take her down with her. Suu'be's house stepped in to protect the devess, with one soldier taking a potentially lethal blow for her. The other soldiers standing with Suu'be peppered Quain'tana with crossbow bolts, hoping to slow her down; this last volley finally stopped her in her tracks as Ariel and several from the Tions house arrived on scene.[13]

Suu'be falls victim to Quain'tana's paranoia-filled rage.

Suu'be was about to deal a final blow to Quain'tana in order to put her out of her misery when Ariel stepped between the two, calling for the hostilities to cease and for a healer to be fetched. Telling her that she was again making a mistake and getting in the way, Suu'be grabbed Ariel by the throat, much to the ire of the other Sarghress. Realizing that Ariel had more support than she had thought, Suu'be released her, telling her that Quain'tana was going to die regardless. Ariel stood her ground, telling Suu'be that it wasn't her decision to make.[14]

Another crossbow bolt barely missed Ariel, having been fired from an upper balcony. To everyone's surprise, Quain'tana again stood up, taking Suu'be by the throat and snapping her neck as Koil arrived on wolf-back. As Suu'be collapsed into Koil'dorath's arms, Quain'tana was taken from the scene, leaving the two heirs to decide who would now take control of the clan.[15]

Notable Quotes

"Your Val title is worthless for all I care. Get that through your thick skull..." - To Ariel Val'Sarghress, as Ariel attempted to report the arrival of Wafay Val'Jaal'darya.

"Quain'tana! When you gave us command over the legions, you gave us orders to keep this clan together, even if it meant going against you someday. We're doing what you asked, for Sharess' sake!! You must go back and get treated!! When you do, these brave soldiers will stand down!" - To Quain'tana, attempting to convince her to stand down and accept medical treatment.