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Appeared in chapters    3                                                        

Suya was a student of Devya Tower during Ariel's fourth year at Orthorbbae, and a classmate of Faren.

Appearance & Personality

Suya is a lightly-built young male drowolath with grey eyes. He styles his brown and black hair into a tight bun. He is a fairly cocky young boy, and gleefully took a trophy from Yafein during the tournament.

Biography - Arc I

Suya appears during the tournament held between towers during Ariel's fourth year at Orthorbbae. He and his classmate Faren were both ambushed by Ariel as they returned from a skirmish against her classmates, with Suya having taken Yafein's glasses during the fight. Unaware of her presence, the young girl was able to catch the duo entirely off-guard, quickly disabling Suya entirely with a strike to the torso before turning her attention to Faren.

Notable Quotes

"Even got a pair of glasses as a trophy!"[1] - Regarding his theft of Yafein's glasses.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 3.