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Synos van Niroenir

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Synos is a powerful and influential noble in the vanir city of Vanaheimr, as well as the father of Freyr and Freyja.

Appearance & Personality

Synos is a tall male vanir with brown eyes. He has long green hair and wears a fur hat akin to a papakha. His general attire is ornate and well-kept, befitting his status as a noble. As is typical for members of his caste, he is ruthless, autocratic, and highly xenophobic. Though not officially the Chancellor at the side of the Vala, he courts the responsibility.[1] Despite his many negative qualities, he cares for his children and seeks a progressive path for his people that would abolish their rigid caste system.

Biography - Arc I

Synos rebukes his son for exceeding his authority.[2]

Purging the Foreigners

Synos first appears during a meeting held within the Spring Palace, as the leadership of Vanaheimr discuss their foreign guests.[3] As he laments the recent instability among the goblin nation, he remarks grimly on the times their people face. While accustomed to an occasional [[Drow|darkling] intruder being caught by the forest guardians, he notes that mere children encroaching on their borders bodes ill. As the others express concern at the reemergence of the drow and the Vala notes her visions are being disrupted by one of their guests, Synos' son inquires as to the guests request to meet with Vala Hudr.

As the rest of the council chose willful blindness to avoid the burden of the decision[4], Synos swiftly orders a purge of the outsiders as they slept in their rooms. While many of the guests were slaughtered, Chirinide's visions allowed the Kyorl'solenurn visitors to escape the attack with only minor injuries. Freyr, feeling indebted to Chirinide for their rescue of his sister, countermanded his father's orders by ordering the assassins to stand down.[5] Offering his blade and a map leading to hidden caches of food along the roads as an attempt to atone for the actions of his father and queen, Freyr expresses the desire to meet with them once he and his sister are free of their father's control.[6]

As Freyr returns to his family's home, Synos furiously confronts the young boy. With a wry smile, Freyr notes he learned from Synos himself to ignore the caste system when acting in his people's interests. Though still furious, Synos takes note of his young daughter's presence and softens his stance. Ordering his son to put her back to bed, he returns to his private study with the insistence that they would continue their discussion at a later time.[7]

Notable Quotes

"Our guardians occasionally catch a darkling adventurer or two every year, but mere children stumbling into our midst could be a sign."[8] - Noting the implications of Chirinide and Shan'naal's presence among the surviving refugees.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 54.