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Tab'irrie Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                           42       49          

A stable boy who hates clan traitors.

Appearance and Personality

Tab'irrie is a blue-haired pureblood drowussu and dawmere stable boy. He carries around a luck club made of wood from the surface. He hates people, but shares a love for dawmere with Sati'vah.


Schism Arc

Tab'irrie was working alongside Sati'vah when Petri'cho was intercepted by agents from the Order of the Twin Eyes: Lysire'indris and Miner'a. He is also among many who stand to hear Kyuusei's speech about the death of Shimi'lande and ascension of Valla'drielle. When the tainted Petri'cho is condemned and escorted out of the districts by Ely'sia, Tab'irrie throws a rock at Petri'cho in disgust.

Holy Mother Arc

He is next seen among the many who flock to see Anahid. When Anahid espouses forgiveness of the tainted, he reacts with disgust and contempt, decrying it as blasphemy. However, Anahid soon reveals her abilities by revealing his betrayals, asking if he still felt it to be heresy to forgive. As many around him eye him with newfound suspicion, he recants his position.

Character Concept