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Tebryn Teuzt'sor Sarghress

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A veteran Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface.

Appearance and Personality

Tebryn is a huge, muscular drow with a long blue braid and red bangs. She has heterochromia; her left eye is purple and her right eye is green. She is extremely easy-going and full of life, with a near-constant broad smile upon her face.


Surface Expedition

Tebryn participates in the assault on Nagyescsed Castle.

Tebryn is a member of a squad of Highland Raiders ordered by Commander Quill'yate to follow Ariel on her journey to find Faen. They track Ariel's party from a distance until they find obvious signs of a struggle. Working quickly, they track Ariel's aura to a Halme castle. Suspecting the worst, they attack, unknowingly creating the opening Ariel needed to free Faen. They met up with the young heir, congratulating her on her victory, and escorted her party back home to the Sarghress Fortress.

During the return trip, the group encounters the remains of a ravaged caravan, with evidence of the attack pointing to the work of the Siyah'khorshed. Interrogation of a surviving merchant reveals a certain level of disharmony in Chel, although the group is able to return to Sarghress territory without further incident. Once there, she is witness to Quain'tana's brutal punishment of Mel'arnach.

District War

As the Sarghress push through the Sharen forces as the Council Dome, Tebryn is among the first Sarghress soldiers to breach Diva'ratrika's throne room and discover her mummified body. The sight leaves a dark impression upon the otherwise cheerful soldier.

Later, as the Zala'ess' Sharen Alliance move to negotiate, Tebryn is selected as a Sarghess Dragonslayer to provide a personal escort to Quain'tana herself, alongside Zith. Negotiations begin poorly as Quain'tana enters and bluntly addresses Zala'ess as motherkiller, angering the Sharen aids present. Matters further falter as a large Balvhakara wargolem breaks the roof of the meeting room, directly threatening the trio.

To prevent further escalation, Zala'ess simply apologizes to Quain'tana, infuriating the Sarghress leader. As Zala begins to spin Ash'waren's motives, Quain'tana finally loses all patience, grasping Zala'ess tightly by the jaw and forcing her to order everyone else out of the room. As Tebryn leaves, she turns to Zala'ess with an uncharacteristic anger and affirms that she knows full well what the daughters did to the late Empress.

Demon God Incident

Tebryn and Zith are forced to attack Quain'tana during the Puppeteer Incident.

Shortly thereafter, Ni'bai enacted her plot to use Kharla to control the power of a Demon God, and Tebryn was one of the many overtaken in what would later be called the Puppeteer Incident. No longer in control of their bodies, she and Zith were forced to make an attempt on Quain'tana's life, but the mighty Sarghress leader was able to defeat the pair without killing them. Unfortunately, their wolves were not so fortunate, and had to be cut down while protecting their masters.

Guarding The Empress' Sarcophagus

Tebryn is left to guard the treasure acquired from the Empress' throne room and tower.

Tebryn later found herself guarding the captured corpse of Diva'ratrika, which had been locked away in its sarcophagus in a secure storeroom, along with other goods taken from the Empress' tower. When Diva came to the room to look around, Tebryn allowed it, telling her to touch nothing. Tebryn found Diva staring at the open sarcophagus; the diminutive tutor then attempted to convince her that she was in fact Diva'ratrika, and had transposed her spirit into a slave's body to escape the tower. Tebryn seemed to ponder the notion, and burst out laughing, bapping Diva on the head with her book and told her to return to her mistress. [1]

Notable Quotes

"What did you call me again, little man?" - To a halme soldier of Nagyescsed.

Outside of Moonless Age

Though not part of verified Moonless Age canon, Tebryn was a player character in Relic Hunters. More information can be found here.

Character Concept