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Tehur Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                                         56   

Tehur is a new Imperial Guard serving the Empress.

Appearance and Personality

When not wearing her helmet, Tehur lets her grey hair flow freely on her shoulders, topped off with a small ribbon on the back of her head. She wears the mark of her imperial station as a chain about her crown, adorned with pink keystones. She is slightly taller than Zuhur. Her mount is a black dragon named Faesi.

She carries a prideful, smug look, yet deep down, many worries way heavily on her mind--chiefly, the worsening condition of her taint. She is staunchly loyal to her mother and greatly dislikes the traitors in the clan, which has given rise to the young woman having respect for those Sharen who defected, like her mentor Chigusa. Tehur habitually teases her twin for fun, much to Zuhur's annoyance.

Biography - Arc III

Tehur first appeared as Chrys'tel returned to the Council Dome to speak with Zala'ess following Kedren's announcement of the depature of the Balvhakara from the Alliance. As Chrys'tel ascended the steps to the chamber, she came across Tehur adjusting the pauldron of Zuhur, newly clad in the armor of the Imperial Guard. Incredulous, Chrys'tel wondered aloud how many remaining Sharen had yet to be inducted into the organization. Tehur calmly reassured her young captain that she would oversee her brother's training. Then, upon her sister's command, Tehur and Nata'sinh brutally restrained a suspected Nidraa'chal agent for an interrogation[1]. Upon Chrys'tel's command, she, her twin brother and Al'tesh mobilize to track suspiciously large volumes of Sarghress troop movement in the districts.

Later, she and the rest of Chrys'tel's loyalists mobilize with the Sarghress clan to march on the Nidra'chaal-controlled remnants of the Alliance[2].

Notable Quotes

"Don't worry, I'll get him up to speed."[3] - Promising to train her brother in his new position.

Character Concept