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Appeared in chapters                 16                                           

Thalamani was the ancient capital of the Sulissin'rune dominion, and the seat of power for Ash'waren's royal bloodline. It was said to have been a beautiful city filled with vibrancy and life, but it became a safe place of refuge for those that had tried to escape the ravaging Great War against the nether gates. However, the city fell to demon hordes in what became known as the legend of the Thalamani slaughter, and Queen Koma'lawen was forced to lead her people out of the city and into the hands of their ancient enemies, the ancestors of the Vel'Sharen

Ash'waren's memories of Thalamani and her people's exodus into the Underworld can be found in Chapter 16, Extra Page 1[1].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.