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Timeline (detailed)

  • 0 - Dark Elves leave surface, Moonless age begins.
  • 90 - First underworld settlement.
  • 150 - Chel'el'sussoloth birth.
  • 150 - Val'Sullisin'rune clan's birth.
  • 210 - First Drow war.
  • 250 - Val'Sharen ruling clan in Chel'el'sussoloth.
  • 260 - Orthorbbae built to teach nobles children.
  • 280 - Sharess religion spreads and unifies.
  • 340 - Val'Beldrobbaen clan's birth.
  • 380 - Driders and Awares as guardians.
  • 500 - Val'Illhar'dro arrival to Chel'el'sussoloth.
  • 600 - Kyorl'solenurn integrates the drowussu clans and houses, becoming the main Drowussu reperesentive.
  • 710 - Quain'tana defies the clans.
  • 720 - Acknowledgment of the Val'Sarghress as a clan.
  • 800 - Sharess reglion shatters progressively.
  • 820 - Val'Nal'Sarkoth clan's birth.
  • 890 - Guardians hunted to near extinction.
  • 940 - "Sharess is dead." First netherworld cults emerge.
  • 972 - Collapse of the Skyhole Project and the destruction of the Val'Nabhan'veaka. The Vel'Sharen take advantage of the chaos to attack the weakened Val'Sarghress. Quain'tana is rendered barren in the resulting battle.
  • 980 - Val'Jaal'darya clan's birth.
  • 1020 - First known experiments of controlled demonic seeding of drow - quickly repressed.
  • 1030 - The Nidraa'chal emerge, spreading their demonic affliction through Chel'el'Sussoloth, to the willing and unwilling alike.
  • 1082 - The Val'Sharess orders an Inquisition targeting the ver'drowendar, the Inquisition causes the downfall of many lesser clans and Houses, and the Val'Dutan'vir are decimated, not only because of the loss of their tainted members, but also the outrage at how their Queen could do such a thing to those most loyal to her. An assassination attempt by a tainted slave on a Beldrobbaen val causes Waes'soloth to purge her clan of slaves and servants in a bloody massacre. Commoners riot in the streets. The Sharen finally go to war as the Nidraa'chal place the Val'Sharess' tower under siege. Ilharess Sannindi'ligr Val'Dutan'vir is assassinated by the Nidraa'chal and the Val'Dutan'vir crumble.
  • 1082 - The Nidraa'chal Coup d'etat (Longest Wait)
  • 1082 - The Val'Sharess goes in to reclusion after the war, Sharen clan goes Vel, tainting becomes mandatory within the clan. Only a few avoid being seeded.
  • 1084 - Vel'Vloz'ress clan's birth, taking the place once occupied by the Val'Dutan'vir.
  • 1084 - Ariel's birth (Spiderborn)
  • 1094 - Ariel is freed from captivity (Chapter 1)
  • 1097 - Ariel studying at Orthobbae (Chapters 2-4)
  • 1097 - A whole generation of Beldrobbaen girls perish in an 'accident' at Orthorbbae, when a tainted teacher is overtaken by her seed. Naal'suul, tainted to the core, is the only survivor.
  • 1098 - Faen Sullisn'rune runs away to the overworld. (Chapters 5-7)
  • 1098 - Sarghress / Sharen hostility at it's peak. (Chapters 8-9)
  • 1098 - Netherworld gates within the city. Kyorl'solenurn begins the hunt of the Vloz'ress (Chapter 10)
  • 1098 - Ariel leaves for the overworld (Chapter 11)
  • 1098 - Kyorl'solenurn and Vloz'ress forces fight on Sarghress territory out in the wilds. Ariel reaches Machike'shikumo. (Chapter 12)
  • 1114 - The District War ends with the formation of a Sarghress-Sharen Alliance. (Chapter 47)
  • 1117 - Hermionne forces invade Machike. (Chapter 52)