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Tirre'nolt Val'Nal'sarkoth

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Appeared in chapters   2                                                         

Tirre'nolt is one of the eight headmasters of the male's section of Orthorbbae.

Appearance & Personality

Tirre'nolt is a drowolath male with green eyes and green hair. He wears his hair at shoulder-length and dyes the front bangs blue. He is a patient and composed individual, not allowing himself to be drawn into the heated discussion over Ariel's presence, instead calmly suggesting the matter be put to a vote. He dresses in ornate robes with golden trim.


Tirre'nolt votes in favour of allowing Ariel to remain in Davya tower.

He first appeared during the meeting of the male headmasters of Orthorbbae, where Kel'noz revealed Ariel's true gender and his desire to have her nature hidden from those outside of the tower's walls. After listening to to arguments both for and against, Tirre'nolt moved to put the matter to a vote, himself voting in favor of Kel'noz's request. Ultimately, the vote passed and Ariel was allowed to remain in the male section of the school.

Notable Quotes

"Who favors accepting the Sarghress female within our walls?"[1] - Initiating the vote regarding Ariel's continued presence.

Character Concept