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Appeared in side stories Dutan'vir Path

Tlu'rath is an aged and stoic drider serving in the Imperial Guard.

Appearance & Personality

Tlu'rath is a male Drider with silver irises and teal sclera. He has short blonde hair with prominent sideburns that would be atypical for an unaltered drowolath. He shows signs of mana deprivation that mark his advanced age, as he is old enough remember when Chel'el'sussoloth was still a newly founded city. His armor is similar to Val'Beldrobbaen drider armor in that plates cover his vulnerable drider legs, but colored the dark teal of the Sharen and emblazoned with the Imperial symbol.

Befitting his age and many years of service, Tlu'rath is a wise and dutiful individual, carrying immense respect within the Guard despite the prejudices towards driders common in the current era. While he dutifully upholds his tasks of protecting the Empress' interests, he freely admits his service is more towards the clan and stability than any one person. While this has served to shield him from political intrigue, it also places him somewhat at odds with those who view service to the Empress to be more personal.

Recent years and the slow destruction of the Sharen have weighed heavily on him, resulting in an increasingly grim demeanor. Notably, he has become quite open in his criticism of the Sharen sisters, even going so far as to voice such derision directly to his charges.

Biography - Background

Tlu'rath first appeared in the aftermath of the Nidraa'chal Uprising that led to the dramatic shift in the chain of command among the Imperial Guard. After Mikilu was publicly dismissed from service by Snadhya'rune, she requested he join her, reminding him that he serves the Val'Sharess and not the Val'Sharen. However, the aged drider refused, stating that he only served in the name of unity within the Val'Sharen clan. He went on to explain his belief that there was always little difference between the warring factions of the Empress' daughters... Or indeed the Queen herself, remembering as he did the early days of her reign.

He firmly stated his belief that once the dust settled, the best ruler for the clan would emerge: Zala'ess was Tlu'rath's first choice in the wake of Sil'lice's alleged betrayal, though he could not believe that the Third Daughter would betray her family. The old drider was saddened to see Mikilu and others leave the Guard, and reminisced of times when Val'Dutan'vir filled the halls of the Sharen home, sometimes seeing so many greys in the halls that he felt himself to be one. As Mikilu mournfully assured him to be one of her people, he pointedly asked if she intended to leave as well; a question to which she had no answer.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Many years later, as the District War progressed in the Sarghress' favour, Tlu'rath would be present as Sarv'swati made her final stand at the Council Dome. As the wounded Sarv'swati commanded him to send the Guard to secure the gates, Tlu'rath stoically rebuked the elder daughter, reminding her that what few Guards she had not been squandered in earlier battles were far away protecting decoys of the Empress.[2] Enraged by his impudence, Sarv'swati attempted to cut the seasoned Guard down, only to belatedly realize her axe had slipped from her grasp. As she moved to ascend to the Empress' chambers, a visibly angered Tlu'rath advised her to surrender, scathingly reminding her that she herself had seen to the destruction within.[3] As the Sarghress arrived in pursuit mere moments later, Tlu'rath stoically stood aside and made no further effort to forestall the inevitable.[4]

Notable Quotes

"The Sharen clan rules and there is unity among us. I serve for this, not for a single person."[5] - Explaining to Mikilu his intention to serve the Sharen sisters, despite the rumors surrounding them in the aftermath of the Nidraa'chal War.