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Ulbaga Nori'fu Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                   50         

A mischievous Fallen Legionnaire of Suu'be's bloodline.

Appearance & Personality

Ulbaga is a lightly built drowolath with short white hair and orange eyes. He is notably androgynous in appearance and quite capable of passing for a female; a fact aided by the concealing uniform of the Fallen Legion. He is somewhat unprofessional and has a rather pettily malicious streak, spreading rumors and slander regarding superior officers to entertain himself. He also is fond of harassing his younger brother, Awdri. That said, he is still a Fallen Legionnaire, and quite observant when the need arises.


He is first seen after the conclusion of the District War, as Ariel accepts a sparring challenge from Riviel. As Riviel abruptly initiates the spar with a strike towards Ariel's face, and is rebuked by Koil, Ariel reveals she was goaded into the fight by petty insults against Quain'tana. Ulbaga takes note of this information, while Koil irritably orders the pair to resume their spar. Following the conclusion of the duel, Ulbaga departs.

During Quain'tana's rampage through the clan, he stands with Suu'be against the poisoned Illharess. When Faen shouts that one of Mel'arnach's children was murdered, Suu'be is quick to throw a glare at the confused Ulbaga. Continuing the hunt for Laele, he joins his brother's squad in investigating a sealer's distress call. What they discover was a stunned Laele surrounded by an entire squad of sealers, save one survivor. Ulbaga is the first to suggest subduing her rather than outright killing the flesh golem as Saryth and Gaes'riganis Am'saag Sarghress want. Before anything could be done, Gaes'riganis kills Laele, and a massive ethereal demon spills out of her body to confront the squad.

Notable Quotes

"Oh?" -Upon hearing Ariel's reason for accepting Riviel's challenge, noting the implications.

Character Concept