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A stoic Vloz'ress Vel'akar working to fufill the goals of Sene'kha.

Appearance & Personality

Umpus is a Vel'akar inhabiting the body of a stocky and well-built male drowolath. He has short white hair and white facial markings adorning his face. He is stoic and composed, and calmly approaches any crisis with little outward emotion. He is fully committed to bringing forth Sene'kha's vision, and will not be moved from that stance.


Sene'kha's Hunt

During Sene'kha's hunt for the demon shard Discordia, Sene'kha and her followers encounter a group of Kyorl'solenurn soldiers along a Sarghress trade route. While most of the two groups are heavily engaged, Umpus breaks away and is able to encounter Discordia as she battles Rikshakar. Though he attempts to convince the demon to stand down and submit, Discordia has no interest in anything but the death of her "prey". As Rikshakar flees, Discordia follows. Elsewhere in the caves, Sene'kha is defeated and eventually executed by the Kyorl'solenurn Wardens.

Without their leader, Sene'kha's crew moves on to the surface to renew the search for Discordia. Eventually, they are able to locate the shard in the Halme city of Haltonreibe. With Discordia still refusing to cooperate, they engage her en masse and subdue her, going so far as to sever limbs. Their hunt a success, they begin the trip to bring the demon back to the Vloz'ress fortress.

Sene'kha's Fall

Upon return to the Vloz'ress fortress, Sene'kha's group find that Kiel'ndia has filled the power gap left by Sene'kha. She kills the leader of their squad when he refuses to cooperate. The squad then fractures between those who accept Kiel'ndia's rule and those who still wish to see Sene'kha's plan completed. While Baliir comes to view Kiel'ndia's plans as beneficial to to drow race and chooses to follow her, Umpus remains loyal to Sene'kha's vision.

Demon God Incident

He next appears helping Be'tor dispose of Kharla's golem attendents, as Ni'bai finally orchestrates her plan to summon forth a Demon God. With Kiel and the other clan leaders distracted and little interference until it is far too late to stop them, Ni'bai's plan succeeds. Baliir attempts to reason with his old comrade, but Umpus refuses to be swayed from his goal and the pair engage in a short fight. While briefly able to overpower Baliir, owing to Baliir's focus on closing the gate, Umpus is caught off-guard by a sudden kick from Sara. Falling into the gate, his aura is forcibly severed from his host and is promptly devoured by the Demon God.

Notable Quotes

"It's a new beginning." -While finally succeeding in bringing forth the Demon God.