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Val'Jaal'darya Fortress

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Tucked within a secluded cavern south of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn lands is the fortress of the Jaal’darya clan, the only territory they seem to have any interest in holding.


The Jaal'darya island fortress.

The gateway to the Jaal'darya cavern is a large waterfall that feeds Darya Lake below, and anyone who wishes to treat with the clan have only a sole entrance to access[1]. Here, Jaal agents do business with supplicants while minimizing foreign travel into their territory. The fortress itself is built upon an island in a water-logged cave with a single river populated heavily by aquatic chimera guards being the only physical connection with Chel'el'sussoloth. Hardly any outsides are ever permitted within and the interior is so far a complete mystery to majority of Chelians.

Inside the fortress town, the citizens live in comfort provided by the clan's rich endeavors with Chelians who desire life sorcery services. Red, magenta, yellow, orange and brown tones dominate the landscape, and Mana plants ad other greenery are also carefully cultivated throughout the fortress to compensate for the clan's small number of inhabitants. Red tapestries carrying the clan's sun icon drape important locations as a reminder of the Jaal'darya's unique distinction in Chelian society[2].


On outward appearances, the people of the Darya cavern are secretive and unwilling to open up to outsiders. Whenever a Jaal'darya ventures out of her homeland, she is often dressed head to toe in heavy, cream-colored clothing. She does not speak of her business with outsiders, and only asks that they respect her space. Many Jaal women wear fanciful, unusual designs to complement their various body modifications, most keeping with the loose clothing, golden jewelry, and deep magenta and cream colors of the clan's homeland of Damadi.

The demeanor of a Jaal'darya changes drastically once inside the fortress. Both men and women dwell together, lightly dressed and toiling together throughout the day[3]. The clan perpetuated many rumors to keep Chelians guessing, such as declaring that no males existed within their home for amusement. However, the very real threat of mutant creatures stalking the waters surrounding the fortress are there to keep outsiders from investigating Jaal'darya space[4].

It is not unusual to see a biogolem creation shuffling about the area, whether to attend to its mitress or patrol the vicinity for intruders.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 45.