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Val'Kyorl'solenurn fortress

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The Kyorl'solenurn lands are a brightly lit swath of land cut from the darker recesses of the city. The section is walled off from the rest of Chel, and composes almost entirely of free Drowussu and a handful of mixbloods. White and other light colors dominate the scenery, and its orderly people and customs are reflective of the hard lined religious clan that leads them.

Note: At this time, very little is known about the land they inhabit, so large majority of the following information can be found in one podcast, "Kyorl'solenurn Orders" [1], as well as within the Moonless Age comic. Information is subject to change as new updates on the clan appear in Moonless Age.


The Kyorl properties possess a well-lit and pure ambiance.

Standing defiant in the southwestern reaches of Chel’el’sussoloth stands the fortress of the Kyorl’solenurn clan, surrounded by a formidable swath of territory. The great clan fortress is a well-lit, holy place dominated by white and accented by other bright colors. Unlike many clans that sometimes open at least part of their fortresses up, the interior of the Kyorl’solenurn’s is adamantly blocked off to others save prisoners and the occasional ambassador.

The Kyorl’solenurn is the only clan to segregate its own students from the rest of the Orthorbbae, having built its own training facilities within the same cavern. Here the children of the clan undergo their training and initiation for the tasks of purging the world of demonic influence. These facilities too are barred from the general public. Despite their dissociation a member of the clan sits among the tower council.

The clan also laid claim to the vacant Dutan'vir ruins near Illhar'dro districts, where its members patrol the streets to keep the peace or preach the word of Sharess to the local drowolaths. Military presence in this district is low, allowing for squatters and layabouts to inhabit the empty Dutan'vir towers.


Here, the people enjoy sweets vendors and restaurants catering to drowussu needs.

Before the advent of the recent nether summoning war that changed Chel'el'sussoloth, the Kyorls were once a clan simply devoted to preserving the worship of Sharess. They had a much smaller number than they do in present times, and often required the services of then mercenary groups like the Sarghress to help patrol their streets. Before the resurfacing of nether summoning, Kyorls were a moderate clan and had no obvious ill will towards the Vel'Sharen and similar clans. After the Nid war and the reshuffling of Chel's seats of power to include the hated Vel'Vloz'ress and the Val'Jaal'darya, inhabitants of the Kyorl'solenurn lands became more aggressive. Extremism among the Orders and Kyorl citizens emerged as a response to the tidal wave of tainted drow and demons.

Kyorl'solenurn Orders serve as the clan's special forces, and the only way one can join is to be determined by the Goddess to have your fate be tied to that Order--although, some orders are less strict in this regard. These Orders have many different ideologies ranging from believing in the use of extremist measures to obtain a goal, to more peaceful means of persuading drowolath back to Sharess' fold. Families and Houses exist within the Kyorl'solenurn, but joining their assigned Orders takes precedence over family and blood ties. In some cases, family members of a bloodline have joined completely different Orders and have developed different political and ideological paths in life.

Worship of Sharess and her decree for the Dark Elves and Light Elves is paramount, and the leaders of the Kyorl'solenurn propagate their different beliefs among the population, although there is evidence that Kyorls also revere Sha'sana[2], who was a partner and close friend of the goddess in the Moons Age.

Kyorl'solenurn drowussu wear bright colors that match their homeland, tending towards conservative styles. Their clothing covers the entire body, and both females and males lean towards flowing robes and religious icons draped across their person, even when bearing plate armor. Physically they are smaller and weaker in body structure than drowolaths, and their hair colors tend towards pale versions of their light elven ancestors, like the drowolaths with the dark elves. Although, drowussu in general tend to keep their hair color, so there are hardly any drowussu with bone white hair that most laths are born with.

There is a small number of mixbloods--people who have one lath and one drowussu parent--and even though they are hesitantly received among the Kyorls, mixbloods are still regarded with discrimination and suspicion. A mixblood within an Order typically must work harder to achieve the same honors that a drowussu can accomplish much faster. An example of a Kyorl'solenurn mixblood is Sang'oro Kyorl'solenurn, a male templar of the Order of the Twin Eyes; he must work harder than his companions to prove that he is capable of performing his duties for the extremist Order. Remnants of the destroyed Val'Dutan'vir clan were admitted into the Kyorl'solenurn ranks, although the animosity between the two clans still persisted due to differences in ideology and the fact that the Dutan'vir had a large number of mixblood Vals.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 42.