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Vashoor Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                                  49          

A brash female Holy Lance participating in the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress.

Appearance & Personality

Vashoor is a well-built Holy Lance with pale blonde hair and orange eyes. She's steadfastly loyal to the Kyorl'solenurn and obeys her orders obediently and without question. She is, however, somewhat distractible and prone to woolgathering.


She is first seen participating in the siege of the Dutan'vir fortress. She functions as a herald and marches to the gates of the to demand a surrender. When the Dutan'vir stage a counter-attack and manage to destroy the newly-built bridge, she narrowly avoids capture or death. When the Dutan'vir tower is brought down onto the district below, she can be seen looking on with a grimace.

Later, she stands guard at the attempted execution of Minka and Ky'ovarde.

Notable Quotes

"Pathless mixbloods. But at least they know when they're defeated." -Prior to the Dutan'vir counter-attack.

Character Concept