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Ven'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress

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Ven'ndia was the leader of the Vloz'ress before they became a great clan. Her body was turned into a golem by Kharla'ggen and now serves as a mindless guard for her daughter, Kiel'ndia.

Appearance and Personality

Before she became the stone golem she is now, Ven'ndia was a loving mother and leader who was intent on studying nether and demons for the good of the drow races. She now has no personality to speak of and simply obeys the commands that are given to her. She does, however, respond more readily for commands given by her daughter Kiel'ndia than for others. [1]

Biography - Arc I

File:Ven'ndia and Kiel.jpeg
Ven'ndia and her daughter Kiel'ndia in the early days of the Vloz'ress.[2]

Origins of the Vloz'ress

Before the Vel'Vloz'ress clan was the powerful nether cult it is now, it was a small group of researchers intent on studying demons and their risks. Ven'ndia lead this group peacefully. She was a kind leader and a good mother to her daughter, Kiel'ndia.

One of the clan's prominent nether summoners, Sene'kha, abused this kindness when she brought a young girl named Kharla'ggen back to the Vloz'ress. Kharla was insane, heavily tainted, and incredibly powerful, creating a danger to herself and those around her. Ven'ndia adopted her and raised her as her own, giving her a mask to keep her from gnawing on her fingers and many stuffed plushies to keep her calm. Ven'ndia cared for the girl as best she could and raised her as a sister for Kiel'ndia.

File:Ven'ndia's Golem.jpeg
Ven'ndia's corpse was turned into a golem and mounted on a wall as gatekeeper.[3]

Kharla's Rise

One day, Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen appeared on the Vloz'ress' doorstep to ask for Ven'ndia's help and expertise in an unknown nether research project. After a lengthy conversation, Ven'ndia refused to help the imperial daughter with her studies. Ven'ndia became distraught soon after Snadhya'rune left, and considered sending messages to each of the other ruling clans. However, before she was able to accomplish this, a Vel'Sharen contingent attacked the Vloz'ress settlement. With the help of her friend Kar'liir, Ven'ndia was able to escape into hiding with Kiel.

They thought they would die there, but Kharla'ggen without warning wiped out the entirety of the Vel'Sharen troops. She turned them into puppets to slaughter each other, leaving Ven'ndia horrified at Kharla's power. Sene'kha tried to convince her to install Kharla'ggen as a figurehead leader to the group to scare of anyone who opposed their rise to power, but Ven'ndia had strong convictions against seeking more power than they already had.

Sene'kha was not willing to accept this. When Ven'ndia was later spending time with Kiel'ndia in the hall, Kharla'ggen appeared holding a doll made in Ven'ndia's likeness. Ven grabbed Kiel and ran, but was not able to escape as Kharla began to turn her legs to stone. Ven'ndia desperately told Kiel to run as Kharla slowly turned her into a lifeless stone puppet.

With Ven'ndia's own aura serving as the focus for the golem's power, this puppet was mounted above the gate to what would become Kharla'ggen's quarters as a reminder of what would befall any who crossed her. Kharla'ggen was made Illhar and the clan forced their way to Vel status.

Kiel'ndia's Coup

File:Ven'ndia Attack.jpeg
Ven'ndia's golem is turned into a heavily armed attack guardian by Kar'liir.[4]

Years later, Kiel'ndia still hadn't come to forgive Sene'kha, who she blamed for her mother's death. She let Sene'kha die at the hands of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn to avenge Ven'ndia's memory. To fill the void left in Sene'kha's wake and to restore balance to her clan, the still young Kiel'ndia decided to take control of the Vel'Vloz'ress for herself.

She recruited Kar'liir to construct two golems for her - one of Sene'kha to control the naga army she had left behind, and one of what remained of Ven'ndia. Her body was taken down from the door and was made mobile. She was given several large blades for arms, some of which contained a corrosive, armor-piercing acid. [5] Her golem was used in an elaborate attack on Sene'kha's superior ranking lieutenant, Kes'sen. It succeeded, and Kiel'ndia killed him, establishing her place as the new leader of the Vel'Vloz'ress.

Ven'ndia's golem survived the attack and served as personal muscle to Kiel'ndia as she secured her position.