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Xen'ophon Tions Sarghress

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Xen'ophon is a Sarghress soldier of Sullisin'rune heritage, once serving under Sang.

Appearance & Personality

Xen'ophon is a lightly built male drowolath with mismatched blue and yellow eyes. He wears his hair short and with the red marking of the Sarghress at the very back, with two locks of hair styled somewhat longer and worn just past his ears. He is also quite proud of and close to his Sullisin'rune side of the family, wearing a large blue sash as a mark of loyalty. His favoured weapon is a broadsword matched with a shield.

He is a cheerful and energetic individual, nearly always sporting a broad smile. He develops close bonds with his comrades and a has strong sense of personal loyalty; loyalty which is not readily transferred in the case of shifts in politics or power. Despite - or perhaps because of - his easygoing demeanor, he is fully capable of dispassionate and ruthless actions against individuals he views as endangering his peers.

Xen'ophon is devastated by the death of Sang.[1]

Biography - Arc III

Pursuing the Wolfpack

Xen'ophon first appeared as a member of Commander Sang's legion, tasked with hunting down the splinter Sarghress faction led by Ariel and Kel'noz.[2] The first strike was in Shikomei, where Sang launched a surprise attack on the rebel faction--with the Kyorl'solenurn caught in the crossfire. As Sang ordered fire concentrated onto the airship to prevent their quarry's escape, Xen'ophon moved with his comrades to board the vessel.[3] However, a wounded Kel'noz was able to use his considerable abilities with mana arts to hold the attacks at bay long enough for airship to take to the skies, himself narrowly rescued by Ariel. The airship thus escaped to launch their own attack on Felde.

Second Battle of Felde

Continuing to march under Sang, Xen'ophon followed Kor'maril into Snadhya'rune's personal tower to trap and capture Ariel personally.[4] Though Xen'ophon attempted to keep his comrade's spirits up, the battle quickly deteriorated in the cramped confines of the tower's halls, with Xen'ophon entering into direct combat with Sar'nel.[5] The During the scuffle, the airship self-destructed and caused massive structural damage to the tower. It was then that Ariel surrendered to Kor'maril to save her people. Unfortunately, Sang did not survive the duel with Kel'noz, and Kor'maril's squad lamented the loss of their leader.

March of the Wolfpack

When Ariel let the Sarghress on a march against the Vel'Sharen, her people were ambushed by artillery and Snadhya'rune's Nidraa'chal assassins. Xen'ophon took this opportunity to separate Ariel from the main force and attack.[6]

Notable Quotes

"It was over... Until you showed up again. You'd have saved everyone a lot of trouble if you'd just stayed in exile."[7] - Speaking to Ariel during the Nidra'chaal ambush.

Character Concept