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Yami'ni Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in side stories Demon Painter

Yami'ni is an accomplished Vel'Sharen nether summoner of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen's line.

Appearance and Personality

Yami'ni is a proud Vel'Sharen, and as such she thinks little of the lesser clans. She is haughty and arrogant, feeling disgust and outrage towards any that would offend her. She looks very similar to her mother, but she streaks her long white hair with a pale blue dye. Her crown bears three pointed gems. She tends to wear flowing dresses in varying blues and whites.

Biography - ArcI

Demon Painter

Yami'ni is one of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen's many daughters, and is of high enough rank to escort her mother on most tasks. She is not above wandering the streets of Chel'el'Sussoloth alone, and in one instance she caught the eye of a common artist sketching her in his notebook. She asked to see the drawing, offering to buy it if it was good. Without waiting for a response, she turned the pad around to see that he had drawn her with the large horns of a demon. She grew angry, and scoffed loudly that she was not a demon.

She later found the artist's home and used her summoning skills to open a gate inside. The painter, unaware of the demonic presence in his home, was slowly driven mad by visions of nether beings. He uncontrollably painted gruesome and horrifying works until he eventually died of his madness. [1][2]

Escort to Zala'ess

Yami'ni followed her mother as she attended to her business both inside the fortress or away visiting other clans. She often provided snide remarks about other clans or those of inferior bloodlines. She had to be chastised for this when she spoke of Zala'ess' power play in front of Nir'naya, a neutral party.

Biography - Arc II

She attended to Zala'ess when her line departed for Nuqrah'shareh to aid in the civil war. She offered to wipe out the oppression with a nether gate, but was stopped by the Duskians, an anti-nether defense force similar to Chel'el'Sussoloth's Val'Kyorl'solenurn. She begrudgingly obliged, but took the opportunity to smirk smugly when someone within the rebel faction later opened several nether gates. She successfully found the gates and quelled the demon menace before it spiraled out of control.

Later on, she was put on assignment with Chrys'tel, Nau'kheol, Quar'imar and Jiaan to locate and secure an unknown weapon the rebels had taken from the Val'Illhar'dro. They found the weapon to be a zeppelin airship, but the party was unexpectedly attacked by a trio of Val'Sullisin'rune empaths. Yami'ni broke free of the empathetic despiar that was being cast upon her to attempt to open a nether gate. She was interuppted by Kalki, who stabbed Yami'ni in the back with her spear.

The group was forced to leave Yami'ni behind as the elevator holding the zeppelin began to collapse. Her mate, Jiaan, ran to Yami'ni's side, hoping to save her.

Outside of Moonless Age

Demon Painter

Yami'ni features prominently in the canon side story "Demon Painter". She was voiced by Cristina Vee in the animated version of this story.

Notable Quotes

"Fucking empaths. You do not know me. You do not control me! I, Yami'ni Vel of Sharen, spit on you. DIE!" - Yami'ni's dying words [3]

Character Concept