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A free colony promoted by Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro, and is sponsored in part by Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen.


The colony is like a beacon of hope for the commonborn wishing to be free of clan strife, and to build their homes in a new homeland. Beautiful, vast and clean, Ys is a large colony able to support itself with large fields to grow food. The colony is built into the side of a mountain, surrounded by terraformed land and man-made canals feeding the farmland beyond. Unlike underworld settlements like Chel'el'Sussoloth, the buildings of the colony are made with wood--a rare commodity in the underworld--and consequently, more vulnerable to fire outbreaks.


Ys is a place where commoners go to assert independence from the clans of Chel, and is ruled by a council of representatives who are commoners and former members of said Chelian clans. As it stands, Kyo'nne regularly promotes the colony as a peaceful place where all drow can be equal, singing of the future of the drow race lying on the surface. Many of the inhabitants are former clan members who left to start a new life on the surface.

As a byproduct of asserting their title as a free colony, they are reluctant to ask for help from the clans. Despite this, they are willing to accept sponsorship from wealthy individuals, including Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen, to develop the settlement. They are very proud of their ability to defend themselves, however they are not above asking the clans for aid. However, the clans stationed in Ys must first get permission from the council to conduct business and military activity. The Val'Sarghress stationed here used to have a safe house in the colony, but were evicted by the council. Unknown to all, the Nidraa'chal group have a stake in the colony, through Snadhya'rune's sponsorship & installing their agents in the council.

Currently, like many of the other drow colonies on the surface, Ys is suffering from increased harassment by Hhermionne encroachment. Their fields were burned during one such skirmish, but the colonists successfully pushed back the invaders. The colony has been holding its own, thanks to generous protection benefits from Felde and relative isolation from the The District War.

Concept Art

File:Early Felde concept.jpg
An early concept of the Ys colony, by Cody.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 54.