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Appeared in chapters                                       38                     

Ysmir is the manager of approximately half the culture pools of the Sarghress owned district of North Cliff.

Appearance and Personality

She has brown clothes and shoulder length brown hair tied into a bun. She also wears a yellow gem on her forehead.[1] Little is known about her personality beyond apparently having a strong desire to live and willing to compromise loyalties for it.[2] Ysmir is a powerful person in the North Cliff district, and brokers deals with people of interest accordingly.


Battle for North Cliff

While talking with Ini'riia Val'Nal'sarkoth, Ysmir was attacked and kidnapped by Maki Vloz'ress's forces. When Ariel and Sar'nel arrived in the Chelian sewers, Maki attacking them providing Ysmir with an opportunity to escape to a nearby culture pool she owned. It is revealed that she and Maki have a grudge between each other, and declares a bounty for Maki's death.

Notable Quotes

"A thousand Ada to the one who kills her!" Placing a bounty on Maki. [3]