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Zakndanree Kavahini

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Appeared in chapters                                               46      52       

Zakndanree is an older Kavahini warrior and toymaker.

Appearance & Personality

Zakndanree is a tall male drowolath with a charcoal skin tone and yellow eyes. Though a toymaker for the children of the clan, he is rather old and cranky, especially regarding those trespassing on his branch of the World Tree. He wears a standard Kavahini battle-gown with a prominent white mask.

Biography - Arc II

Zakndanree is first seen as part of the Mimaneid force striking against Snadhya'rune's forces in Felde. He participates in the assault upon the airship itself, fighting with the defenders in an attempt to reach critical systems. While the Kavahini assault succeeds in disabling the craft, they are unable to hold their prize, as Snadhya'rune sends her most powerful empaths to retake the vessel. Zakndanree presumably fell back along with the surviving members of the Mimaneid force.

Biography - Arc III

Three years later, Zakndanree served as part of a strike team that assaulted a Sharen convoy. The attack caught the convoy while it was distracted by refugees from Machike, and the Kavahini forces inflicted losses before the Alliance convoy was even aware of the attack. Zakndanree personally decapitated an Illhar'dro soldier, creating an opening for his squadmate to abduct Zala'ess' youngest daughter.[1]

Notable Quotes

"Get off my branch!" -To younger members of his clan that are intruding on his branch.

Character Concept