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Callers are a unique kind of demon prized in Hel for their ability to communicate across great distances.


Not unlike Slimes, Callers are blob-like beings with little discernible internal anatomy. Unlike Slimes, however, they all share an identical physical form. A vivid red, they possess a wide maw of sharp teeth, within which resides a single large eye. They also have stubby prolegs that allow limited movement.

Again sharing many similarities to Slimes, Callers are speculated to be the fragmented essence of some greater being. Uniquely among such denizens of Hel, Callers share a powerful connection to one another; having a rudimentary collective consciousness that allows them to think and communicate with others of their kind, even over great distances. However, this connection has limits - perhaps the greatest being that no two Callers can communicate with the other unless they have actually met. As such, it appears the connection must be formed directly between callers.


While all Callers share an identical physiological form and have a rudimentary collective mind, the limitations of that collective consciousness do result in slight - if incredibly subtle - differences between Callers. Furthermore, while they are fragments of a greater being, they are far from mindless. As such, they are less tools than they are servants; each master may require different means to coerce or bribe their caller into service. Even then, Callers are notoriously temperamental and bites are a common occurrence for even the most accommodating of masters.

In part due to the costs they demand, Callers are something of a status symbol in Hel - a sign the the master has at least some small amount of wealth or influence.