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Char is a gloomy city in the far northwestern regions, devastated by war and lack of resources. Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress was found here by Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress. The city suffered much in its history after the end of the Moons Age, from starvation and infighting from lack of resources, to an invasive tribe of cannibalistic Xuile'solen that can destroy the ruling clan's unique summons.


The ancestors of Char waged war with the underground-dwelling dwarves as the Great Wars saw the demons ravaging much of the world above. The city began as a blacksmith hub where they forged steel weapons to use against their foes, using the great network of mines below. The lord of Char made the decree to evacuate the nation into the mining shafts where the dark elves once worked the stone, and the city of Char quickly bloomed.

For extra measures against demons, they sealed the mining entrances, but the shaft was reopened to try to find some unknown aid above. Not only did the reopened shaft bathe a portion of the city in direct sunlight, the ruling clan that used it had access to the rare resources that could be found on the surface. Char also has access to rain water via this ancient mining shaft.


The distant, small town of Char is shrouded in myth, for it does not receive many travelers and is known to be difficult to access. Few wish to go so far in the northern underworld, under where the ancestral lands of the light elves used to be. Tales speak of it's town being ruled by a single clan of spirit summoners, and that it is plagued by surrounding nests of xuile'solen tribes that pillage and eat unwary stragglers. [1]

For centuries, the city met with conflicts that faced many newborn cities--famine, civil war, and lack of space to live. Massacres were frequent, and bloody and left the city in its current state: a deteriorating area where barely 1000 people call home. It is said that a hundred died for every one soul that lived on. These disasters gave the city a gruesome reputation, and its people were known as an extremely distrustful lot.

Only one clan rules Char, and they control a unique type of summoning where their creations do not require a physical body to manifest--ancient ghosts that were mere shadows of their former selves, unable to use abilities they had lost. Some may call this an unfinished kind of summoning. However, it is believed that these ethereal summons may have the ability to kill demons without harming the host.

More can be learned in both the Char sidestory and audiobook[1][2].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.