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Demon God

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The "Demon God" is the informal name given to the exceedingly powerful demon summoned forth by Ni'bai in the course of her mad scheme.

Appearance & Personality

The Demon God was an enormously large nether demon the size of a smaller building. It's nether form had a distinctively insectoid appearance, loosely resembling a monstrous tick and with six eyes akin to a spider. It had a circular maw lined with multiple rows of teeth.

While sentient and capable of complex thought, it was driven by an insatiable and feral hunger. In particular, it was obsessed with devouring the remaining essence of a rival demon it had largely consumed. In this manner, it was readily lured through a nether gate despite the dangers a foreign world presented.

Much later, a fragment of its being attached itself to Pen'ri and subsumed much of her being and memories. This influence caused it to display an indignant and vengeful demeanor, with a single-minded hatred for Kiel'ndia. As before, its overpowering hunger remained, even to the degree that the creature expressed difficulty thinking.[1]

Biography - Arc I

The Demon God first appeared as an imprisoned Sene'kha explained the broader aspects of her plans to Kiel, in a bid to secure her assistance with an escape. In the course of her studies, the elder summoner had discovered old texts suggesting that the demon known as Discordia was a shard of a much larger demon that had clashed with and largely been consumed by the Demon God.[2] With the emergence of Kharla'ggen and her uniquely powerful aura, Sene'kha intended to use Discordia as bait to lure the Demon God across a gate into their world, where it could then be bound to Kharla'ggen's aura. With the power granted by such a potent nether being, and Kharla'ggen readily manipulated, the Vel'Vloz'ress would have the power to force the other clans to yield. Ultimately, Sene'kha was unsuccessful in convincing Kiel to aid in her escape, and was soon executed by Kyorl'solenurn under the command of Kousei and Ky'ovarde.[3] However, while this plot was greatly forestalled by her death, her followers continued their efforts in the years to come.

Biography - Arc II

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"I AM FREE!"[4] - One of its shards escaping the burned and warped body of Pen'ri.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 55.