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Evangeli was one of the many teachers of Orthorbbae's crescent, the female section of the school. She was ultimately slain by Kadara when Sil'lice led a force to sack the school in the year 1114 MA.

Appearance & Personality

Evangeli is a tall female drowolath with tainted eyes. She has short black hair left largely unstyled, pinned back by a distinctive red headband in the shape of two horns. She wears a dark blue coat with brown trim over a very low-cut and and revealing white undercoat, as well as matching blue gloves. For her modesty, she wears a brown choker of simple design. She does not appear to routinely carry weaponry.

She is a stern and dour individual, likely a product of her role in managing generations of unruly students. Despite this, she is not unreasonable and is willing to listen to those who explain their actions. However, she remains strict in her enforcement of school policy, only willing to extend a finite amount of leeway and patience.

Biography - Arc II

Confronting Trespassers

Evangeli first appeared as Kiel entered Orthorbbae with Nau'kheol to feed Naal's demon. The two intruders were discovered by Evangeli. Though initially mistaking them for students breaking curfew, she quickly ascertained that the pair were not students.[1] She informed the two of the school's lockdown, a result of the ongoing hostilities in the District War, and demanding to know their reason for visiting. Though not without significant frustration and reservations, she allowed Kiel to proceed into the school to locate the missing "child". However, she remained insistent that Nau - as a male - not enter the crescent. She Kiel gleefully departed, Evangeli wearily remarked that the manic Vloz'ress was trouble, to which Nau wearily agreed, though he affirmed her good intent.

Evangeli is cut down by Kadara while attempting to flee.[2]

Following Kiel's departure, Evangeli and Nau engaged in conversation, largely of the current events and their ramifications for the Vel'Sharen and for the school. Unfortunately, the discourse was brought to an abrupt end as Kiel returned with Naal, now grown to vast proportions as a glutton demon and in a frenzied state. Though Evangeli attempted to ready a nether-based attack to defend herself, both she and Nau were pulled into the mouth of the creature.[3] As the pair struggled to escape, Kiel desperately attempted to appeal to whatever remained of Naal's original personality, with no success. As the school began to respond en masse to the disturbance, Kiel lured Naal away, where her agitation receded, allowing Kiel to pull the pair free. While Nau was unharmed, Evangeli was injured and left unconscious, though she would soon recover.[4]

Sack of Orthorbbae

Sadly, Evangeli's recovery would ultimately be in vain, as only ten days later the school was ruthlessly assaulted by Sil'lice in a savage attempt to strike at Snadhya'rune and her holdings. While attempting to flee the massacre, Evangeli was chased down and murdered by Kadara, just one of the many casualties of Sil'lice's unrestrained vengeance.

Notable Quotes

"Tell me the name of the child, I shall spread the word for her to be found. Not that there should be any Vloz'ress left in the facility. Only a few students remain here for safety."[5] - Allowing Kiel to enter Orthorbbae in search of Naal and discussing the fragile state of peace in the vicinity.

Outside of Moonless Age

Though naturally not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Evangeli was based on one of Kite's player characters in Neverwinter Online.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.