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Nel'ralka Sarghress

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Nel'ralka is a Highland Raider who assisted Ariel during her journey on the surface.

Appearance and Personality

Nel'ralka has long red hair and wears a white cloak over her armor. She seems to be the mana specialist of her squad, using fire sorcery to create diversions amongst her opponents, as well as using mana devices such as the tracker tied to Ariel's aura.


Nel'ralka uses fire sorcery to cause chaos amongst the Nagyescsed defenders.

Nel'ralka is a member of a squad of Highland Raiders ordered by Commander Quill'yate to follow Ariel on her journey to find Faen. They tracked Ariel's party from a distance until they found obvious signs of a struggle.

They quickly tracked Ariel's aura to the Halme castle of Nagyescsed. They attacked the fortress, unknowingly creating the opening Ariel needed to free Faen. They met up with the young heir, congratulated her on her victory, and escorted her party back home to the Sarghress Fortress.

Notable Quotes

"I'll find her, don't worry." - To Key'sal Sarghress, during their search for Ariel.