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Page Descriptions - Chapter 49

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This article contains all the Moonless Age page announcements made by the comic's author for Chapter 49 - Holy Mother. These often elaborate on or clarify details not explicitly stated in the comic itself, but regardless provide a sort of commentary for each page. These announcements are made in the Moonless Age channel of the Official Discord and can also be read on the comic's Official Facebook Page.

Chapter Announcement

[Chapter Cover]

Kern: A new chapter begins centered around our little pyro taking the lead as the matter of the new holy mother still stand. Her forces besiege the ancestral home of the Dutanvir curently held by rebels and her whole rise to power was put into question early on by a few. A group of those even mentioned the existance of someone else, someone raised and prepared by her murdered predecessor to be the next holy mother. This unknown person never had the chance to arrive before the fate of the clan was sealed. Expect all these questions and more to resolved in this chapter.

Also fire, lots of fire. Lets burninate the countryside Trogdor-

Page Announcements

Pages 1-10

[Page 1]

Kern: So many traitors everywhere , going to report to Snadhya. Those two were previously present in the Sharen alliance and beldrobbaen factions. Though the first is coming with bad news to report to the would be mastermind behind an united underworld.

[Page 2]

Kern: The reports continues about the state of the clans with the one surprise that they did not expect : that the two most bitter enemies joined together. It's enough to make Snadhya hasten her departure to take advantage of the current situation. For now, what she can do by herself, without her all her usual tricks is up for your imagination. No worries, the recap is only for these 2 first pages.

[Page 3]

Kern: Meanwhile the rebel force that hold the Dutanvir home is under assault. Their enemies grew tired of starving them out and is now rebuilding the bridge . It's just a question of time before they gain access to the fortress itself.

I can't give an exact number, especially as the Kyorl army is something very elastic, with every able citizen being recruitable. In this sense they are the most similar to the Sarghress' with a vast pool of commoner to pick from. While the core itself is relatively small. But, even that core is much greater in numbers than those few dutan'vir and sarghress sympathizer who took the Dutan'vir home. It can be a 10 to 1 battle or a 100 to 1 depending on how much ressources the kyorls choose to throw at at them. So yes, if they get across that gap, which isolation is the main defense of the fortress, and pass the gate ; then the dutanvirs have no chance to win. In reverse, if anyone decided to fuck with the Kyorls on their own turf, they'd have great difficulty making headway with the civilians becoming millitary. There is several reasons why nobody try to conquer them, and that's one of them.

Also, like the way they deface the statues? Blanket of shame.

[Page 4]

Kern: They thoughts they'd get help , that the Sarghress would be forced to follow them and that their presence would keep the enemy at bay. Except it didn't happen. No one came to the rescue and it's clear from the "plan" that they're down to crazy ideas.

[Page 5]

Kern: The bridge is made and the defenders lose their main advantage. Troops march onward to face the gate where they demand the surrender and release of the hostage. Promptly the gate lift... Now they either surrender or as one of the Dutan'vir said ; begin the suicidal charge. Either option doesn't sound too good. For those who may not remember as it's been years. The dutan'vir tactics were mocked in the prologue aftermath for they chose to just charge at the enemy until they were all defeated. Thus minka statement of this being "very traditional" .

[Page 6]

Kern: Coming charging out is a stag, the symbol of the clan, plowing through the incoming forces standing on a narrow bridge. It's charge is short lived , yet it gave just enough time for the defenders to start breaking the bridge appart. Again, same bridge all these Kyorls are standing on... So the Dutan'vir did learn something over the years, to leave the "suicidal" part of the charge to machines.

[Page 7]

Kern: The bridge collapse with everyone running for their lives. With the defenders striking a victory by ensuring their fortress remain isolated. But the true tragedy? That poor wounded dawmere faling down. It'l never get shipped with a certain fat dawmere to come. Much ship potential, gone.

[Page 8]

Kern: As the attackers are scattered and disorganized, all the defenders with crossbows rain bolts on them. Many misses but those that hit are enough to cause further chaos. While the defenders cannot win the war, they can still inflict enough damage for the Kyorls to retreat. Such scenes are a good opportunity to put many cameos in but they'be become too time consuming to draw. As it is, they're pretty hard, even with just silouettes for many of them. The fact that many of the designs are repeatable and low details is the only reason why we can afford , time-wise, to draw those war scenes.

[Page 9]

Kern: One arrow left.This one saved for one shot over the attacking army, right at their leader. Normally there'd be a shield or group of people watching but with the recent event there seem to be just enough disorder to give this a chance to hit.

[Page 10]

Kern: One last shot, missing by a hair. With a heavy cost as they catapult rock back unto the sniper position. One of the Kyorl strenght is their seers, who supposedly can see the future. Though if you think this is real, let me assure you there is no time manipulation involved here nor any divine intervention. Now, these 2 next to Valla failed to predict the bridge collapse or the arrow to Valla face. Perhaps they do so intentionaly, or perhaps they simply can't in such a large scale operation.

Pages 11-20

[Page 11]

Kern: The siege so far did not brought the result they expected so another plan is in motion. One that involve climbers crossing the ceiling of the cavern and require the area to be evacuated. So Valla seem to think the seers failure is intentional, there isn't much trust on that side. Perhaps she knows Merril sneak out to inform the sarghress. Perhaps she knows Merril get visions but says nothing. Or perhaps she doesn't, and just know they hide something.

[Page 12]

Kern: White ninja infiltration squad! The kyorls find their way in from the undefended top of the fortress and make their way down from inside.

[Page 13]

Kern: Page 13 : The invader's swift attack allow them to reach the bottom floor unopposed. But down there, one defender finally make a stand. This is the throne room which was drawn only once before in the Lulianne mini-arc. Right past this room, through the archway Sker is defending is the entrance hall. So the Kyorls are only one room away from having done a full loop around to secure the entrance.

[Page 14]

Kern: Sker doing what his clan do best : scream and charge. Things are getting chaotic for the defenders as enemies just break through the walls. Scattering everyone in different directions.

[Page 15]

Kern: A single of the attacker lead them on a chase up the tower and away. When they finally corner her she throw her weapon away and ask them to surrender. The question take them aback just enough to start thinking about the why of the whole attack. Akumu's thoughts turns to the gate, left unchecked.

[Page 16]

Kern: His fear that they had distracted them from the gate turned up to be false. But then what are the Kyorls up to?

[Page 17]

Kern: The dutan'virs forces guarding the gate are gone to another tower and just as Minka reach for them, a terrible sound is heard.

[Page 18]

Kern: That chibi pause in the chapter was ill timed , as it's right before the tower fell. With sker and many other dutan'vir defenders. The same tower that the Beldrobbaen were talking about , the same that shook the school master as he was climbing. there's been an habit of making building fall lately, it's a bad habit in a city where most buildings can easily be toppled over. Snadhya should forget flowers and invest in demolition.

[Page 19]

Kern: The massive tower fell upon the city below. A district that they evacuated but as the report earlier said : not everyone accepted to leave. Not including the aftermath the cloud of debris and shock will do to those living beyond. It's enough to make a few consider the consequence of their clan's action. Though others are pleased by the swift retribution for all the pain the dutanvir had caused them. It'll be a very dividing topic for the rest of the chapter.

[Page 20]

Kern: The final page of the Kyorl/Dutan war ends in the capture of the demoralized defenders. Most of those to be executed publicly in the near future while the few that were kyorls defectors to be given a chance for "redemption". Likely a very harsh series of treatement under inquisitors followed by a hard task to prove their loyalty. So yes all these events to result into defeat. There's a reason for that which you'll see by the end of this chapter

Pages 21-30

[Page 21]

Kern: The story returns to focus on Chiri and Shan who have just received a message about the arrival of the new holy mother. One coming right the current one got appointed and the message having taken so long to arrive that she should already be there. This news can mean many thing, and none of them good. To better explain. It'd be like saying your political leader is arriving, right after a different one had been appointed in his or her absence, right in war time.

[Page 22]

Kern: The little wolf was accused of being too eager to volounteer herself on missions that doesn't concern her, a habit she denies having but now, clearly she's going at great lenght in getting herself involved. Going as far as turning herself into a giant version of Chiri. In a crowd of little grey skin, she's stand above everyone else by at least a head or two. Lesson is don't leave the brood of Quaintana unnoccupied, when bored they'll get involved, then explosions might happens. Or a minor war, or at the very least one very dissaproving Faen which is MUCH worse than the other possibilities. See the whole Sharen against Sarghress conflict that span centuries all began because Quain was bored one day and a Sharen ate her sandwhich... Pretty sure that's part of the big red book of Quain's saga.

[Page 23]

Kern: Ariel's eagerness to volounteer on some new adventure backfire as Faen grab her. This time there's no arguing, she is doomed to change diapers until another war begins. And Chiri might be a tad touchy on where Shan's eyes went. The previous argument happened in chapter 47 http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=10519

[Page 24]

Kern: They ready themselves to depart but before they do they discuss why Ariel couldn't have come, regardless of her appearance. A discussion about the paths they take or religions if you prefer. All of them follow in the footstep of some near immortal ancestor. In their case they follow the queen that sacrificed herself to close the gates from which the demons came from at the end of the previous age. That queen fought a long time against demons and tainted. The Kyorls took it upon themselves to continue this, perhaps it begun as a way to thank the queen who once welcomed her traditional enemies among her midst. Now, it's very much a religion, the Kyorls take very seriously their path. With all sorts of added on rules. Ariel on the other hand never realized what her own clan is doing is very simmilar to a religion. They all follow a single heroic ancestor, albeit one still alive, and model themselves after her. Or what the legends says she is. Legends much greater than the actual person at this point in time. Give it another millenia and Quain might be refered as a goddess if things continues as it is.

Also, Chiri obviously does not know the threat of octobear. That "Gu" was fierce. Has Chiri's golden lock be in reach of those grabby little hands, she'd be doomed.

[Page 25]

Kern: Chiri and Shan cross the city, only to be stopped many times by the many checkpoints set by the sarghress clan. The city is changing , a change Shan hope is for the better, given time. Though once they got to their destination it is to find that another great clan has changed ; by leaving. One of the secondary entry point to the city is left to abandon. Anyone could come in and anyone set to come expecting to be greeted by a certain late duo would be confused by now. The next holy mother they seek may have turn back, get caught or have gone venturing forth on her own. Regardless what happened, it's bound to get very complicated.

[Page 26]

Kern: In the abandonned structure of the gate they find an innocent juice man absolutely not engaged in any looting activity. He claim to have seen a fellow grey skin with crazy hair, making Chiri and Shan beleive Ariel had been following them. But once inside, Chiri is striked by a vision of someone attacking them from behind. This place is not so abandonned after all. Juice man is a character from chapter 38. He is among the civilians of the north cliff district and his job is to sell some "juice" that gives people a boost. What is the juice made off is best left unknown.

[Page 27]

Kern: The would be attacker with crazy hair should've taken a better hideout. Chiri and Shan tag team to corner her only to find out she wears the robes of the order that should've brought the holy mother with them. So no it wasn't ariel. Sure that one doesn't have has much hair but it's certainly...unique.

[Page 28]

Kern: Off the main path and waiting in an alcove they find the fatest unicorn and the sweetest little lady. One of them is the next holy mother, obviously it's the unicorn. Look at it, so fat. Beside , we all know people that always smile are evil at this point.

[Page 29]

Kern: Neither of the girls waiting for them bears the forhead marking of a Kyorl. For a moment Chirinide is lost as to which of them is to be the next ruler of the clan, perhaps secretly hoping that it is neither and that a third awaits in the shadow. But the truth is, it's the little sweet smiling trainee that just made Shan embarassed with her tale of secret love. So Ana, aka Keychain if you follow our news feed. She's frail, small, thin, she's not even a kyorl and with a humble personality. In short, she's fucked as soon as she step in Chel, let alone get to her destination. This is the one Chiri and Shan have to somehow protect and make ruler of the clan. If Valla'drielle is half as ruthless as her reptutation is, Ana stand no chance against her.

[Page 30]

Kern: Ana had to prove herself and yet, she shown no special power. Instead asking the group to beleive in her. A challenge returned right back at Chiri, who accept it, for the sake of her departed mother's beleif.

Pages 31-40

[Page 31]

Kern: This new holy mother may be a ray of hope but Chiri beleive she will likely be murdered, even if she is brought safely to her destination. She devise a plan to contact one of the most radical leader she knows to find a solution, after all one of his warden had offered to join forces in a previous chapter to uncover the truth behind the murder. An offer that Chiri declined at the time. To make the matter worse, anything could have happened in between the time of this offer and now... She's been away on adventures and duty , meanwhile people seeking truths could be tripping all over the place in the Kyorl compound. There's so many pointy things to fall on.

[Page 32]

Kern: Right before the wall leading into the Kyorl controlled district, the new holy mother was given refuge in the house of a sympthiser while Chiri sought the meeting that could resolve the obstacles in their way. In there, the holy mother hear the confession from her host, burdened by many perceived sins, that she is quick to forgive, bless even. This is Anahid, the holy mother, true power. No magic or trick, just pushing the opposite direction from the clan's doctrine which had just gotten harsher the years. Now, this is a nice feeling and all, but you can see why someone could want to kill Anahid. A holy mother that forgive tainteds is bound to seriously piss off some people.

[Page 33]

Kern: Murderous extremist or helpful allies. You decide. Regardless what they'll turn out to be, Chirinide just prevented an "accident" by sensing the lead warden was going to punch the holy mother. Though said punching was a test for Chirinide... Also hello Kyovarde, it's been a while. She's a great contributor to people tripping to their death. after all, she finished chapter 42 by making sure one judicator found it's way to a spiky doom. Fact that she is still alive says a lot about the clan...


Dot dot dot

[Page 34]

Kern: They follow their guide to a nook at the end of the wall. Where they are to meet the judicator that will serve as the mouth piece for their cause. But no one awaits them there. This tingle at Chiri's fears, making her question their guide, fearing that they were led into a trap. Couldn't have gone right. If it had gone right, the fat unicorn would miss it's opportunity to save the day. XD

[Page 35]

Kern: Challenged to break off the silence , Chirinide defy her old warden comrade regarding the trap that may be ensnaring them. But what she get back is not what she expected. This is not a trap they've set and she reveal the fate of those seers that survive the holy mother they serve. Chiri could one day end up like her, if she were to wait too long to act.

Good old Kyovarde, almost droped out of the story get some backstory 37 chapters and 10 later. She wasn't meant to be seer, nor does she hold that power any longer. Looking back at her early arts, i noticed her forhead tatoo was the same pattern. That opened the possibility of using her as contrast for Chiri. Explained a lot about her not giving a shit about a lot of the kyorl doctrine and why she'd be willing to kill her own so easily.

[Page 36]

Kern: Shan split the group, he should have attended survival 101 first lesson : never split the group. His reasoning is good, someone from their group need to set things straight, and he is the only one who can get in without raising attention. That doesn't make it any less risky however. That or he just wanted to ride with kyovarde. secretly wrapping his arms around her to make Chiri jealous. :P

[Page 36 Chibi Followup]

Kern: Shan riding off at the back of Kyovarde's unicorn, his mind filled with Chirinide, reaching to hold tightly...It's a magical moment. Not truly a parody as it actually happened.

[Page 37]

Kern: The mercyless attacks of this fat unicorn knows no bound! Licking, head butting and very slow chasing. Forget all other challenge,s this beast is the second apocalypse. For Chiri at least. And for her hair that smells like cake. Though Ana at the end seem to have caused herself a nose bleed from all that laughter, she's very fragile...

[Page 38]

Kern: The nosebleed turns up to be a more serious issue as she lose consciousness and before the cause could be found, the same problem spread to her defender. Bleeding from eyes, nose, mouth, this sight brings up a memory to chiri's mind, one of a certain small grey skin girl in chapter 46. The one that enjoy to make little animals explode and who almost killed Chiri. Or, they've just seen Kahru's butt at the end of the street. Causes everyone to nosebleed.

[Page 39]

Kern: A short run to escape yet one after the other they fall in quick succession. Unable to get outside the killing sight. Chiri's thought there would a maximum distance to reach for this to stop but in the end she realize it's the sight, and from the top of the wall, the killer can see far. Making things worse, Chiri is blind to the attack ; normally she'd feel killing intent, receiving a vision that would hint at where and how the attack would come. Somehow the killer has a way to avoid the seer's ability. It's not a fair fight, it's not supposed to be fair.

[Page 40]

Kern: They've escape the killer's sight thanks to a leap of faith. One that ended in a hard fall for Chiri and a tough catch of her ward. For now, they're safe. There is not truly a cone of red killing gaze with glowing lines that will kill them. It's what Chiri feel is coming at them and so serves well for a visual in the comic. Note, there's no Eve in this page.

Pages 41-50

[Page 41]

Kern: They may be saved but they lost everyone in the process. The burden of the deaths, both during her travel to get there and what just happened a moment ago becomes a crushing burden on Anahid. Heavy enough for her to question who truly killed the previous holy mother. After all, her welcome so far had been a mix of fear to enter her new home and a killer stalking them. It's enough to make most sane people question their priority and there at the end, she's being offered to go back home. The whole Chiri commenting about Kiel is there because this was never addressed. She had a vision of Kiel being the murderer yet they traveled back to Chel together. We have to assume they spent days on that turtle back, plenty times enough to glare. Should that justify some pages? Maybe, but it's too late now.

[Page 42]

Kern: Anahid finds the strength not to give up. And just as she does so, her maid returns, alive, somehow she was never attacked thanks of her blanket of power. Or so she claim. It has a yellow ducky pattern after all. Did Kiel just flew over to drop it on her? was she using it as a underwear? Did she find it on the rift side after it blew across the rift from the fallen vloz' home?! We may never know. The chapter is now half way through and they haven't even passed the front door yet, nor know who attacked them yet. You can expect a lot more troubles before this is over.

[Page 43]

Kern: Let them come to her, the new holy mother decides. She choose to stop hiding and let her presence known, for the common people to decide wheter to meet her, or for those who would see her gone, do the deed openly. Chiri compare this to the act of the previous holy mother, Shimi'lande, right before her death. Meanwhile Shan arrives at the house of the judicator who had gone missing.

[Page 44]

Kern: The inside of the sanctum is a mess with freshly murdered victims laying about. All of whom have died in the last hour, right after they had departed from the place to find the new holy mother's group. Whatever trap they are in, it's already been sprung a while ago and many have already fallen to it. Plus as Kyovarde mentioned earlier, some of her people are already kept prisoner/under watch from past action. Perhaps it's a coincidence that the rest of the order is being punished at the same time, or perhaps someone really didn't like the idea that anahid is getting help. But for the later to be the case would imply someone (or group) very well informed is involved.

[Page 45]

Kern: Everyone is dead, including the man they were supposed to meet. Except he is still talking. This character had never shown his face before though he appeard in a few chapter. Veiled, horn on his forhead, set people on fire, oversaw the death of his fellow judicator. All around bastard. Designed by Kite too.

[Page 46]

Kern: First everyone get killed, then as those who had left returns to check on the massacre, troops suddenly surround the building, to arrest them. Too fast, too convenient, and amusing for the surviving Judicator who thought it would happen. As i wrote before, this was a trap. It just happened to be much larger than they thought.

[Page 47]

Kern: Again the group is to be split further. Shan and Lysire to bring the surviving judicator away while Kyovarde stays behind to do something against those who besieges them. To Shan's horror, this something turn up to be a demon gate. One that was thinly hidden behind some wall draperies. Hinting that perhaps this is normal thing for this order and that perhaps that are other reasons behind this ongoing purge that threatens to kill all of them. Shan and Chiri for this chapter, at least for this half of the chapter are really roles of witness. There are multiple parties seeking something at the moment, their goals overlap, and enter in conflict. For the witness this does appear to be clear cut at first but more it progress the less it make senses. Or more unbeleivable the coincidences gets if you prefer. I hope the story so far give that impression. As for the gate, in a kyorl district, made by the most fanatical demon hunters, will be explained soon enough.

[Page 48]

Kern: The revelation that gate to demon realms is a common thing within the clan is enough to make Shan hesitate to obey orders. Worse, Kyovarde just opened one of said gate to deliver some kick ass. I was asked often about what happens to the demons they capture. Now you guys got the canon answer in story. So yes, they're giant hypocrites. The clan is not what they portray themselves as. Long time readers will not be surprised. Coming next is a Nalsarkoth to say they don't truly like green.

[Page 49]

Kern: Shan is torn on what he believe is right, while Kyovarde do the unthinkable for one of her clan. Summoning demons against her own. About chapter 12 where Kyovarde gave her demons flesh back then, that's not canon anymore. Instead her blades are now made of nether instead of flesh and bones. If i could go back i'd make them out of energy too but it's too late now.

[Page 50]

Kern: They flee the scene as demons emerge from the order's sanctum and as Shan cross a passage, he stumble on two wanted signs. One of Chirinide, and one of Anahid. Both at their best. While their group spread the word to gather for a peaceful meeting, another group is spreading these to brand them heretics. It look just like Chiri isn't? The scowl, angry eye, the baring of teeth. Also "How did he know it was Chiri?" Kousei knows of her , she is one of the key part of the clan and his lead warden, Kyovarde had tried to recruit her to their side not so long ago. On the other hand he would not recognize Anahid , though he could make a safe guess...

Pages 51-60

[Page 51]

Kern: Meanwhile Eve spot that her last poster was replaced while she was acquiring a well deserved cake. The shock make her forget the cake and hurries to her highness' side to alert her. Regardless of danger, Anahid chooses to continue ahead with her plan. It's a tradition for cakes to be mistreated. Forgotten , poisoned, squished... Until all the cast learns to take better of cake, they do not deserve peace!

[Page 52]

Kern: Anahid walks out into a room full of people who came to meet her and after a tense moment with one of the templar standing before her, he kneel and tells of his sins. Something in Anahid, the new holy mother, seems to draw people to confess. Or perhaps the people of that clan were already seeking a listening ear for what burden them. after all, the Kyorls are known to have long sticks up their butts. Keep all the feelings in bottled up. Or perhaps it's a mix of both.

[Page 53]

Kern: Anahid calm the drama from all those self tortured templar. Note, she does not let go of the sexy's templar hand. Nor will he be able to break free, ever. Even if someone come in bearing a bloody dagger.

[Page 54]

Kern: The wounded knife bearing visitor turn up to be tainted. Having attempted to slice her own throat but failed to complete the task, out of fear. Perhaps of death itself or what's after. She was one of the warden who attack Kyovarde a few pages ago so you can safely assume shit did hit the fan. Cutie's squiggoth cameos now officialy have a recurring theme to be crazy tainted girls.

[Page 55]

Kern: Turn up the would be killer came for one murder in mind, her own. Except she does not have the strength to pull it off, regardless how much she's struggling at it, even pulling at Chiri's blade. She just end up breaking down before all of them. Even Chiri is to have her commit a honorable suicide, calling it a "personal ordeal" as if it is a challenge they are all trained to complete one day. Only Anahid, the holy mother, sees things differently. Going even further by claiming tainting is not a sin. Something that goes right against their religion/path, perhaps the most heretical words she could have said. Though I think most readers will agree with Anahid, considering how much freak out, accusation and drama revolved around this affliction. Even the sharen are making a fuss about it nowadays. ps, that warden's design is different from the other as this was the one cameo that the concept art went to Lunareth.

[Page 56]

Kern: At least one person came to the meeting knowing that Anahid was a wanted person for heresy. She listened and waited until a proof came up to confirm the claim before speaking out. It did not take longer afterward for things to fall appart. People begin leaving, doubting, whispering, even Chiri suggest they leave and her first inquisitor makes prompt exit at the back instead of supporting Anahid openly. Many of them may agree that something is wrong with demanding that those falling victim to the taint kill themselves, as shown previously in the story, but they're all raised under a strict doctrine. It's the whole what feel right versus what you're told is right. Unless something happen by the next minute, Anahid will be in chain and dragged away .Though Anahid smiles at that prospect, or perhaps at something else she sees.

she's pulling a snadhya face right there. people ought be running. Nothing good happens when someone smile like that. Also forgot to mention last time. Killing themselves for tainting is very simmilar to the japanese suppuku. Had she killed herself, it'd be seen as the honorable thing. A good thing. To shy away from it is cowardly, forcing others to hunt her down.

[Page 57]

Kern: Anahid drop her mask to unleash truths as her attack. Digging out the sin of one of her accuser, a terrible sin much greater in scope than her own. Challenging him on the matter of forgiveness, if she cannot forgive a warden who fell to tainting, could he be forgiven for his actions? The fact that she knows has a stunning effect not only on him but on Chiri as well. For how could she possibly know something no one left alive knew. Left alive because Kyuusei was the person this stable boy reported Petricho to back in chapter 42. He "tripped" on spikes. It was quite convenient that this cameo came back and the owner chose him to be on the side against Anahid. So this is little Anahid going serious mode. it's all nice smiles and floppy cuteness. Also if this page feels shorter than usual it is because the page was broken into two. It was that or doing a chibi page else we'd fall so far behind that even a sunday wouldn't be enough. But, even so, this page is as long as any of the old pages prior to chapter 40. Feels good to have a lighter load for once.

[Page 58]

Kern: The second of her three accuser promptly bow away in fear of having her own secret sin exposed, but the third take a drastically different approach : she attack with her sword. Better to silence the blasphemer with violence before her dirty secrets are revealed to the listening crowd. Ana has an uncanny skill at reading people but her fluffpuffness isn't sword proof....well maybe the blade would bounce back, she is very fluffy after all.

[Page 59]

Kern: Chiri saw Anahid getting her head crushed in. But when she saw this, it was a mere second before the actual event happened, giving her not enough time to stop the act. Especially with her thin blade against the strong overhead swing of the would be killer. Thankfully, beefmaster Kahru step in at the exact time to block the strike. Something that Chiri failed to predict. But makes Anahid swoon. To receive a vision, somebody need to have very strong emotions, so the warden striking at anahid likely got the resolve to kill only mere seconds ago.

[Page 60]

Kern: The last of her accuser has her sin revealed and her's are very personal. Her jealousy had led her to slander Chirinide, perhaps tarnishing her name to the new hierarchy of the clan. Through flame and shame, she flee the scene, leaving Anahid with a newly gained reputation to reach for the fallen tainted with a hand of mercy. Some of the events that took place before came up fast, some of which seemingly already planned regardless of Chiri , Shan and Anahid presence. This is one more thing that was going on during their absence ; that Chirinide can be perceived negately by Valladrielle , regardless that she declined to join Kyovarde previously. Perhap she would have never known if Anahid hadn't revealed it.

Pages 61-70

[Page 61]

Kern: The word quickly spread about Anahid and her ability to read souls as people leaving the small gathering. Soon a greater mass of people comes to see and hear her. Even one of the templar guarding the outer wall leave his post to join them. Meanwhile Chirinide made her mind to leave in a hope to resolve the conflict between the two holy mothers through dialogue, or at least to open a dialogue. Though Anahid seem to beleive Chiri does this out of concern for Shan, who has yet to come back. So, does Ana read Chiri or she's just being silly, that's up to you to decide.

[Page 62]

No official announcement.

[Page 63]

Kern: Chiri is escorted to a location briming with the sensation of a taint. Something very unusual for this clan of demon hunters. This time though, the secret behind this door may be all the more darker, as what she feel is the same taint as the one who killed Shimi'Lande, her mother and previous leader of the clan. That feeling bringing back the memories of her vision where the Kiel look-alike did the murder. Though those who arrested her turn a deaf ear to her warning of the assassin's presence... So Chiri doesn't have the best of reputation. If you pay attention to one dialogue in particular you'll see it may be the case of all seers, who have yet to be involved in anything in this story since the dutan'vir debacle. Just like those judicators who have gone missing. Yes the use of sins in the last panel is meant to be irony after the last event with the whole forgiving sins thing. No visible red nether isn't spilling all over the place, it's just a visualisation of what Chiri feels. Same for the assasin leaping and throath cutting

[Page 64]

Kern: Chiri is disarmed and brought to the source of the taint: Snadhya'rune. Busy having a discussion with the clan's leader. The wardens and templars knows she is there , worse, they know of her taint and yet do nothing. Snad all white, pink , smiling and farting deadly taint. There you go.

[Page 65]

Kern: Chiri could not have imagined her meeting with her former holy mother would turn up this way. Even less than Snadhya would end up asking her opinion on the matter of the Dutanvir prisoners, which would either force her to agree with the most vile of tainted, or disagree with her own beleif. Plus look at Snadhya's face, she's so hungry to have her own seer, she would just eat Chiri up, like candy. Plot twist, Chiri is candy. Lemon flavored. Great for your throat! Buy now.

[Page 66]

Kern: Chiri reluctantly agrees with her foe Snadhya on the matter of mercy. It irks her to side with a tainted who she suspected of having had a hand in her clan affairs many times. Perhaps it's a coincidence of the discussion or perhaps it is Chiri's constant opposition that make the current holy mother express displeasure at her disloyalty or...it's just everything is going bad for her. Her seers refuse to help, judicators are disapearing, she's being pressured by a tainted within her own home and her clan is getting more divided by the hour. Maybe , just maybe, Valladrielle is not the big bad that events seem to imply? :]

[Page 67]

Kern: The exchange quickly grow heated between them. Chiri lose her patience and Valla attitude grows harsh, condemning the young seer to be in house arrest. Hinting that something could happen to her companions if she does not obey. Chiri thought goes to Shan at this, who has yet to return. A reminder that Valla was a school teacher prior to this. She knew Chiri as a child(though from her own age point of view, Chiri is STILL a child). So the disapointement refer to Chiri being a promising student back in the day. Back when she was still refered as warden in training, before her position got confirmed.

[Page 68]

Kern: Isolation. Chiri is confined to a room with a view to the upcoming execution. The only thing she can do is wait and think ; here is Shan, what will happen to Anahid, and most ironic for a seer ; what will happen to her. The kyorls are very obedient, Chiri included. Of course she's getting a bit more rebelious lately from some bad influence. Still, if the door was left unlocked(and it may be unlocked), she wouldn't try to leave. Unless the execution being planned is for Shan, that maybe would get her to move. Not that she could do anything about it. So when you see her twist around doing nothing, you can safely assume these kind of thoughts/possibilities are running in loop in her head.

[Page 69]

Kern: Up for execution is the same warden that had left with Shan earlier. Leading Chiri to assume he was captured or killed. kyovarde may have given enough of a battle to wound and taint some of her assailants, but not enough to save herself. Her fate is to burn alongside the Dutan'vir "leader". However some music raise up to distract the preparation. The selection of room in which Chiri is locked up was most likely an intentional one, so she can watch what happen to disloyal people. Especially considering Kyovarde was the seer to a dead holy mother of the past, a mirror image of what Chirinide could become in time. "leader" because Minka was basicly dragged into the conflict earlier in the story. What's left of the dutanvir is in such a sad state that even a him is considered of high station. With the executioner Rafalza appearance in the chapter, all cameos are now in! Next cameo call is scheduled for the 23th january.

[Page 70]

Kern: The music come from beyond the wall where a movement began, led by Anahid. People gathering aroudn her to chant and march with the clan's center of power as their destination. The outer wall may have let them pass, perhap the soldiers there even joined them, though the inner wall closed the gate to their approach. A peaceful march is very, unchelian, or un-drow, or well pretty much un everything in this world. But then, Anahid isn't very typical. Somehow she has the abillity to move people and she came at the right time, when enough people were sick of how things went going. It's part of why the whole dutanvir war at the beginning of the chapter was important. It was needed as reminder of how the clan was going. Also it's a tradition to make all of Mau's characters do that cheeky face(last panel).

Pages 71-80

[Page 71]

Kern: As 3 veiled individual infiltrate the chanting masses to offer their assistance with the closed gate, Chirinide has her own savior opening the door to her cell. Both of which are too timely to be unplanned. The character at the bottom left is one of Snadhya 3 empath. The character at the bottom right is one of the other seer.

[Page 72]

Kern: The rescue party that came for Chiri turned up to be 3 of the other seers, one of which was locked up in the cell next door for a while. Turn up the templars meant to guard them were gone, a "lucky" strike maybe. or maybe that person standing right at the exit has something to do with it and those unarmed seers just happened to be taking the wrong opportunity for a rescue... It's like going in a house being cleared up by assassins. Hey free looting right? More like extra bodies to hide in the closet for the assassins doing their work. Also Merill does not understand the word "Subtle"

[Page 73]

Kern: As they debate what to do next, the killer come forward with an unlikely offer ; to come with her. An offer that came right as some of them were considering abandonning the clan, however Chirinide remember something. They've met before in Felde chapter 46. And that last time sbe almost died during the encounter. It wasn't a fight, she barely lasted a few seconds before collapsing. The whole encounter leaving a blurry memory in her mind, but Yakuise's comment about sensing nothing from the killer also make Chirinide remember something ; it's not the first time her group is being targeted by someone she couldn't sense.

[Page 74]

Kern: Snadhya did lust over acquiring her own seers earlier and now her hand shows clearly. Somehow she knew they'd be cast aside by their own clan, ready to pickup as her newest acquisition. And the plan might have worked! As proven by Yakuise meekly following, until Chiri put a stop to it. The killer may not remember their first meeting but Chiri remembers. Meanwhile outside the flames are ready to be set to the pyre. Not that they can do anything about it, their own lives are on the balance at the moment. Saying no would be a dangerous thing to do , and yet, this is exactly what Chiri choose to answer.

Lunareth pointed out how "cute" Kyovarde look without her armor. I don't know about cute but it's true they lose much of their toughness once their armors are cast away, Chirinide included. Quain disaproves, those little ssu need to buff out!

[Page 75]

Kern: The truth behind the killing of the clan's leaders is revealed. When Kyovarde was going about trying to gather support for Anahid, she was leading the killer to each of her target, eliminating them as soon as she left. With the side consequence of getting kyovarde's order entangled in the purge unwillingly. The killer may have great power but she has mental issues of her own. She did not stop killing when kyovarde ultimately led her back to Anahid, completing the circle. Greater the power, greater the weakness. She's the little psycopath. Can't tell what's good or bad, can't feel empathy for anything, doesn't quite get social relation. She rarely show any emotion on her face either.

[Page 76]

Kern: Next time don't say no, just take a page from Quain's red book and punch the person as an answer. Unfortunately Chiri does not follow on the path of Quain. The result is that everyone must now die. Little fluffy seers wanted to make their stand and say no. This time there's no Ariel and Faen to show up and punch her down. There's no asking for other Kyorls help either. Last panel, i had flashback of "welcome to DIE!" coming to mind. Yuhle isn't an arcade player though.

[Page 77]

Kern: Team fluff try to stop the killer and fail. As Chiri lay on her back, she can see the fire from the pyre raise through the window. So close, yet out of reach. With vision of Kyovarde burning coming to her mind. A death so intense that no doubt all four of those little seers are feeling it as they try to stay alive themselves. Judicators, templars, warden, all fell to Yuhle before. Yuhle didn't get hurt and there the tide isn't going to change. If any of them is going to live, itll have to be something only them can do. And as shown before, they can't feel what she's going to do.

[Page 78]

Kern: The killing ground continue as the seers are helpless before their enemy. Merri though sought the armor and use it as a hammer on the window, but it's blunt, round and her arms weak. Before she could break it, she catch the attention of the killer when all her sisters are reduced to moaning bloody mess on the ground. So Yuhle's power is like the other chosen of Snadhya, a special kind. Nothing like Kharla that can be considered a cataclysm by itself(Good thing Snadhya never acquired Kharla), but still great. She cause blood to "boil", veins to ruptures, arteries to break. squishy tissues like eyes , gums, ears cannals, they all bleed first. Then come internal bleeding. Then tissues break. Then internal organs fails under the pressure. Stroke would kill, or the heart would cease completely. Likely Kousei suffered a stroke himself, but survived. His body may never fully recover. So while it's very directed one on one kind of power, it's very deadly AND painful.

[Page 79]

Kern: Somehow just enough of the window was broken for Chiri to funnel the flames from outside and turn it against their aggressor. As she back away from the flames, the two other seers laying on the floor grabs her feet... So obviously Chiri didn't tell Merri, "hey break the window", and yet she did it. PLus Kyovarde and Minka outside may be saved, at least for now. Though they're most likely cooked on the lower body by now. Chicken tenders...

[Page 80]

Kern: She manage to break free but by that time she burns. She may have the power to kill anyone but fire, that's another matter entirely. She runs out of the room, into the staircase that has no railing to continue the tradition of Kyorls that trip. Really, this place need some babyproofing, way too many people trip to their death. Want to bet there's a spiky statue below?

Pages 81-90

[Page 81]

Kern: She fall down to her death, on fire. Her back broken and her flesh burnt, she mutter her last few words. As Chiri above question how they managed to work together without passing a single word. It's now the third time Chiri burn herself badly by misusing her power and as a result end up with short hair once more. By now she's going to get used to it. So one of Snadhya little protege down. Kalki was first, now Yuhle. Who's next? Also team fluff victory! Though they're not fit to do any more fighting. also also, yuhle is a psycopath. Not in the insulting way. She can't tell right and wrong of any of her actions. She just do what she is told by Snadhya. So when she is dying, she's wondering if she did something wrong, for she is punished for her action.

[Page 82]

Kern: The final confontration. Four injured seers make their stand against the one they helped raise to power. Now they demand she abdicate to Anahid. Chiri isn't winking, her left eye is injured. It's possible Chime eyes were injured as well. The large glass widnow can be seen from any panels displaying the front of the kyorl's home. It's top center. yes the update is late. Background painting was the reason. We'll try to avoid updating saturdays again, wish us luck, there's only 8 more pages to this chapter. Then a summary will go up to explain everything.

[Page 83]

Kern: When it's time to compare tales, they don,t always mesh up. Both side beleiving they hold the truth when neither of them have the full story and even that would still open for much interpretation. The seers make their stand but so does former school teacher now holy mother. At the end though, some familliar chanting is coming up from outside. Valla in the first 3 panels refer to her knowing the whole seer abillity is bullshit. She does not beleive any goddess is speaking through the seers, she does not look up to them in respect. Considering she used to be a teacher, she may have often seen first hand the little ones struggling with their abillity and could easily puzzle it out. To her, these 4 are rebellious kids. Ones that she does not want to see dead. at least she claim not to understand what they mean by killer. On the other side, the inquisitor is accusing Chiri of being in league with kyovarde, and thus linking Chiri to the murders of the judicators and their people. Which, if you think he truly beleive that, can explain why Chiri is so disliked, regardless of Anahid trying to take power or not. It's complicated and i'll be doing a summary at the end of this chapter.

[Page 84]

Kern: The chants come from the crowd that managed to pass into the inner district, with the help of those three mysterious ladies that now stand guard before Anahid. Valla not only face her seers disapproval but her people's peaceful protest outside, a protest that led to Kyovarde being freed, albeit a bit cooked. Though all could turn around fast as someone offer to assassinate Anahid. It's a chapter for losing eyesballs and getting burn.

[Page 85]

Kern: With perfect timing, the last surviving judicator is brought into the scene, led by Shan much to Chiri's surprise. He has a theory about what had been going on of late, that perhaps the current holy mother had not sent any killers on her own but knew of it and let it happen, in order to protect herself. This last accusation hit the mark close enough to make Valla's speechless.

If anyone could know, or even understand the whole plot that had been going on behind the scene it's him, Kousei. He's been sitting on any discussion the now deads judicators had been going on about, including the one judicator that was thrown unto spikes , i mean tripped down the staircase, back in chapter 42. I don't think Kousei would know for sure that's Valla's true motive. He threw his accusation on speculation and reasoning from what he knew the judicators would do. It hitted the mark. Hinting that the whole holy mother role had been hollow up to this point. Shimi'lande tried to go against the will of the old men behind the clans, and got killed for it, or replaced if you prefer. Yet , whoever had done the killing, as Chiri saw(or felt), was linked to Snadhya'rune, who is curently outside backing up Anahid to get to power and has helped killed all the judicators, with Valla's blessing. It's a circle, with a whole lot of blood. Always pointing back to one person. She's very busy :p

[Page 86]

Kern: Surrounded on all side, she gives up. Valla abdicate, letting Anahid take over the clan and thus the leadership of their race. Antagonists don't see themselves as the bad guys. Obviously Valla doesn't see herself as such, neither does her supporters. She's a school teacher that has seen every little kids that would grow up to be part of the clan. Not the commoners of course. There's people like Elysia who remember this and look up to her, respect her. The way she teach the young is the way they grow up into and thus shaping the clan as it is now. But as seen before in chapter 10, she has a very... harsh way to deal with anyone else. Anothe time maybe she would have been useful, like a few centuries ago to tell the judicators to get fucked, but now, the Kyorls don't her at the lead. Chel has seen enough war , death, famine, disease, etc. About the blood. Some asked at the beginning of the chapter : "What about the puppeteer event? Shouldn't she be dead?" This is something i regret. Chapter 47 originaly started with the Dutanvir's tower fall. it would have included her. I was advised to push that to the Kyorl chapter to avoid muddling the plots points together. It has pro, it has con.Its certainly feels wrong to jump back to the Kyorls in a Vloz chapter without the tower falling in the same chapter. So, valla was stabbed a few times off screen, her inquisitors(Maybe a seer as well) who held up against the puppets string a moment longer threw themselves to protect her and died. She stayed under the corpses to be dugged up later. Just Like Faen said in the previous chapter: She remained concious when everybody else didn't. implying it was possible to resist, albeit in a minor way. Complicated? sure, point is Valla abdicated, all hail Anahid ruler supreme of all that is fluffy and grey.

[Page 87]

Kern: Anahid first action as leader of her people is to forgive their enemies and restore their ancestral home. While Chiri and Shan watches the result of their work from above. Though Chiri is struck by a bout of insecurity... Hey 14 years of Chiri , about time she get some romance. The time is now. Shan , it's time to man up.

[Page 88]

Kern: The kiss. What else can be said? The holy mother is very pleased for the first of her ship come true. May there be many more.

[Page 89]

Kern: His leather armor spared him the licks of the flame at first, unlike his pyre companion. Still he broiled and likely under his new clothes he hides the worst of the burns. It must have been painful to stand before Anahid and accept her mercy but now he has something new to forget his pain ; hatred. 70 pages ago he stood on his knees, what's left of his people dying or in chain. There was little doubt who was the cause of all this and now she flee from him, weak and cornered. Yes Kyovarde has worse burn, no we won,t skip her, she has something at the very end of the chapter. Yes Minka killing Valla right in the kyorl home is dumb and may get him executed again but he doesn't care, he is pissed.

[Page 90]

Kern: Forgiveness is true strenght. The words of the Anahid come back to his mind as he strangle the former holy mother. it's easy to kill, harder to let go. MInka chose the harder path, letting her go, to return home with what's left of his kin. This is Valla's lowest point,she's a relic of a older time, in a clan that will change around her. It's unlikely Anahid will let her return as teacher either. Maybe as daycare keeper? Kids seem to like her somehow. Maybe it's because she can make funny faces with that eye. Two more pages to go!

Pages 91-93

[Page 91]

Kern: The fate of Kyovarde. Burned , alone and filled with guilt, she decide to exile herself, at Anahid's great dismay. Ky's ending is not a happy one, the more nice Anahid gets, the more likely she is to leave, thus nothing could be done to convince her to stay. If Kousei suddenly ruled the clan, she'd stay to watch him and continues her usual trust-no-one attitude. One more page to go!

[Page 92]

Kern: Final page of the chapter. Kyovarde's parting words had an impact on the little holy mother : some people are beyond forgiveness. Perhaps she knew someone would come to meet her, a certain purple haired lady with designs for the holy mother's clan. A motherkiller, a daughterkiller with few surviving family members of her own to grant her forgiveness. The last three alives would see her dead and Anahid somehow knows. For her rise to power so far was no coincidence, she had a power she kept hidden and never talked about to anyone, even Chiri nor Kahru. Perhaps she herself does not realize it either. That page hide a couples intentional bits. First, candle on Chiri side, regular glowing gemstone on the enemy side. Second Kahru get 3 pillows because of his big butt, Anahid's friends get a pillow, everybody else get no pillow. Last, it's intentional that her ability is meant to remind of miss pink fluff of doom Yuhle. Tomorrow is the overview of the major plot line for this clan. As there won't be another Kyorl chapter, not one i've planned anyway. After is the guest artists epilogues.

[Chapter 42 & 49 Overview]

Kern: Good or bad, here's the big overview of everything that happened in the kyorl clan story arch. It's so big we had to simplify the art style to manage to do it in time. If it's helpful, maybe there will be more in the future, if it just confuse and raise more question, we,ll just go back to the usual letting the reader guess the plot. Tomorrow begins the guest pages.

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Kern: Kite fill in with a re-enactment of the current conflict in this page as i was away monday. Ariel and Faen view of the conflict is positive, not so much for Shan and Chiri. Under the joke it shows how the Kyorls view their enemies. The page idea was suggested by Darkvolt.


Kern: Special holidays page by Lunareth. The future is shipping, ships everywhere! Chirinide doesn't shipping so she assume Ana want to build a navy :P Happy holidays to the few who will wanders here on christmas day! May your day be filled with epic cakes and fat cats. Or perhaps it's fat cakes and epic cats.

[Page 70: Facebook Edition]

Kern: Lunareth made this piece to go with page 70; What if Anahid could broadcast her message via facebook, with bonus selfie. We in the team found it too hilarious not to use! Plus look who liked that post... With this , expect the updates to return to a midnight monday to friday schedule, hopefully for a while. Ah right, Judicator kousei's pun was made by Kite... no one who attend the streams will be surprised by that.

[Chocolate Epilogue]

Kern: Also known as bad ending, or horror ending as kite put it. Guest page by Darkvolt, and the only one of the guest page that i did not write. You can see how Darkvolt thought this chapter would end. In chocolate madness!!!... It's probably true though... Very true. Kyorls will start fearing for their lives in the next chapter.

[Ky'ovarde Epilogue]

Kern: Guest page by Lunareth whose skill with cute fluffy chibies and tiny hands is unmatched. Anahid did not give up so easily and gave chase to the departing Kyovarde, hoping to turn her around. Bringing her memories of a time long gone. It may have worked, for a moment Kyovarde cracked, but the cats ears were simply too much. Come on, those cats ears can't possibly fit her head, they're too small. Grave mistake Lunareth.

[Kousei Epilogue]

Kern: Epic page by EllirhShaan aka Elshi of the webcomic Fadingworld http://www.ellirhshaan.com/ The inevitable faceoff between Anahid and her last judicator, Kousei. Whose annoying shamelessness and demand over complete military authority is pushing the new holy mother's patience to her limit.

[Eve Epilogue]

Kern: Guest page by Mau. This was one was toned down from it's original more animated version where all the mouths moved. Eve reveal her secret weapon ; the ducky blanket. It's a honor for her to part away with it for the sake of keeping Anahid from all possible harms.

[Chiri & Shan Epilogue]

Kern: By Kite. Things escalated quickly. From blessing over their newfound loves to talk of baby, i mean babies, many babies. Chiri's cheek also escalated quickly to crimson red, enough to scare Shan into thinking she was set on fire again.

[Valla'drielle Epilogue]

Kern: Valla was to return as a teacher except Anahid is struck with pity for her older rival. A terrible mistake to keep a several hundred years old teacher around one self as "advisor"... Shipping Kousei and Valla , she clearly has the blushes.

[Yakuise Epilogue]

Kern: Final epilogue page, next is chapter 50. Thanks to these epilogues, i'm now on page 5 of the next chapter, a good buffer that i hope will last. Yakuise tell a story of the time when Chiri and Anahid miraculously "missed" each other when they were young. Though the later tried very hard to be noticed.