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Second of Integrity

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Second of Integrity is a novice angel captured during his first dive. He is currently held on the 2nd Circle of Hel, prominently chained to a statue in the markets for all to see - bait for any other angelic raiders who might attempt a rescue.

Appearance & Personality

Second is a male aesir, though his appearance is largely hidden by his armor. What little can be seen suggests he has wavy black hair cut to shoulder-length. His armor, as befitting a novice, is plain and relatively unadorned. The helm itself has three tusk-line protrusions.

Whatever his normal personality might be, Second's capture and mutilation have left him bereft of hope & longing for death. While Nine offered comforting words during her brief attempt to rescue him, it also revealed to him that his injuries have completely blinded him - a further torment to his psyche.


Nine's attempt to rescue Second is noticed by Vrachos.

Second of Integrity first appears in full armor as Nine attempts to make her way through Hel with only Cohlada for company, chained and impaled to a statue in the middle of the markets.[1] As Nine stares in disgust, Cohlada explains such macabre displays are used as effective traps to lure other angels that might attempt rescue. Though Cohlada urges Nine to move on, she moves closer. To her horror, she observes the angel inside the armor is still alive.

Ignoring Cohlada's repeated warnings, Nine scales the statue in an attempt to free her comrade-in-arms. As she works to free him, he begs her to kill him. Imploring him to not lose hope, Nine asks if he knows if his armor's wings still function, to which he responds that he does not know. As Nine asks his name, he introduces himself as Second of Integrity - confirming himself to be a novice diver who had not yet earned their own name, much like Nine herself. Second then pleas with Nine to open his helm so he can see. Nine immediately recognizes the terrible implications of his question, and tells the blinded man that his visor is already open.

Unfortunately, Nine's actions are noticed by a nearby Helian, who initially scolds Nine for looting the corpse. As the large sculptor visibly pauses with growing suspicion of Nine, Nine promises Second that she will let the other angels know of his location. With no other choice, she then abandons her attempts at rescue and begins to flee. His fate thereafter is unknown... and likely grim.

Notable Quotes

"Open... my helm, please. I wish to see."[2] - Imploring Nine to open his helm, unaware it is already open and he has been blinded by his injuries.

Character Concept

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