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Among the most unfortunate of Hel's people, Slimes are the surviving fragments of those who strayed too far into the depths.


Slimes have been so heavily warped from their original forms that they are little more than shapeless blobs, devoid of bones or organs and malleable to the touch. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - they are surprisingly resilient to physical harm. Their inherent shapelessness allows them to be crushed, bludgeoned, or pierced with little to no lasting impact - or even apparent pain.


Born as they are from fragments of their original selves, Slimes have incomplete and disparate personalities that frequently defy logic and reason in favor of following their immediate impulses. That said, one trait they consistently share is a powerful drive to reclaim their original forms. Whether through instinct or simple self-awareness, they understand they are an incomplete part of something more, something greater. As such, they wander the circles of Hel in search of what they have lost.