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Usage example:

 | name =
 | aliases = 
 | section =
 | image =
 | region = 
 | factions =
 | characters =
 | locations =

A template for use on Location Pages. It creates the infobox seen on the right of each page.

Essential arguments:

  • name - This should generally be left blank to default to the page name.
  • section - The story in which the location is set, such as Moonless Age or Hel. This places it in the correct category pages.
  • image - An image postcard for the location. Should be 240x111 pixels for Moonless Age, 300x200 pixels for Hel. <gallery></gallery> around multiple images will allow a gallery mode, if desired.

Please use the format of Postcard_LocationName.png for the primary portrait. In addition to standardizing with the legacy location images from the original version of the wiki, it is needed for the Template:LocationCard to work properly creating location thumbnails when cited on certain other locations.

Optional arguments:

  • aliases - If known by additional names or terms.
  • region - If the location is part of a large location in turn.
  • factions - Factions known to inhabit or control the location.
  • characters - Prominent leaders and residents.
  • locations - Additional prominent sub-locations or regions.