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Tralyn the Clanless

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Tralyn is a wizened Orthorbbae Master, responsible for teaching history to the students of Davya tower.

Appearance & Personality

Tralyn is a lean drowolath with short white hair and green eyes. He dresses in simple brown robes and is visibly aged, owing to prior mana deprivation. He is patient and humble, and expresses some reverence for the ancient religions. He is deliberate in his actions, thinking carefully before coming to a decision. While loyal, he does not hesitate to disagree with or rebuke friends when he has reason to do so.[1]


Ariel's First Year

Tralyn surveys his new class.

He first appears as the master teaching history in Ariel's first year at Orthorbbae. Beginning the class with lecture on the holy number of nine, referring to many aspects of drow culture that revolve around the number, he introduces himself simply as Tralyn. Afterwards, he launches into an extensive series of lectures, at a pace the students can barely keep pace with. Finished for the day, he is stopped by Nau'kheol, who had noted the absence of a clan name in his introduction. Partially evading the question, he responds that a lack of affiliation allows for an unbiased view of history.

Later that day, he meets with Kel'noz in another tower of Orthorbbae, confronting him with the knowledge of Ariel's true gender. Kel'noz requests the old master keep this knowledge a secret for the sake of the Sarghress clan's stability, allowing the matter to handled between the masters of the school, but Tralyn remains unconvinced by what he views as an outside concern. As he asks Kel'noz for a better reason, the younger Val argues that by raising Ariel (heir to a great clan) among males, it represents a powerful potential step towards gender equality. Satisfied with this response, Tralyn brings forth Master Soleam'ji's discovery of Ariel's possession of an innate high sorcery, encouraging Kel'noz to investigate the matter swiftly.

Faen's Departure

After Ariel returns to Orthorbbae after finally being recognized as Quain'tana's heir, she finds a large crowd gathered in the wake of an incident at the school that left one teacher dead and a student severely wounded. Noting Faen's absence and with Chrys'tel and Shinae's accusing Ariel of being responsible for Faen fleeing to Davya tower, she runs off to find a male teacher, soon encountering Tralyn. He explains that Faen entered the tower searching for Ariel, but that he was fortunate enough to find her first. Having aided in Faen's escape, he delivers a latter she had written for Ariel, explaining what had happened and that she intended to flee to the surface for both her own safety and that of others around her.[2]

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Growing Unrest

Several years later, he is seen in a discussion with Headmaster Ashu'athama, noting the decline in applications for the school's next term. Ashu'athama dismisses this as a temporary result of the current unrest, stating the students will return in time. The powerful headmaster is more concerned with the threat of the Sarghress to pull out of the school entirely, inquiring as to Kel'noz's opinion on the matter. Tralyn grimly promises to speak with Kel'noz to gain an answer.[3]

Notable Quotes

"If you want to learn about your clan's greatness, listen to your family historians. If you want to learn about its follies, talk to your enemies."[4] - While lecturing Nau'kheol on the bias of most histories.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 5.