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Shinae Vel'Sharen

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Shinae is the protector twin of Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen. She is vocal and stubborn in her support of the ruling Vel'Sharen clan.

In Arc I, Shinae begrudgingly followed Chrys'tel on her quest for the truth behind their clan. She staunchly disagreed with Chrys' traitorous actions, but was forced to stay by her sister's side through it all. Later, in Arc II, Shinae stayed in Chel'el'Sussoloth to give birth while the rest of Zala'ess' line left to lend aid in the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War. She lost the baby and went on to serve as Zala'ess' voice in Chel until she defected to Snadhya'rune's service after attempting to assassinate the would-be Empress. Years later in Arc III, Shinae was placed by Snadhya'rune into the Imperial Guard, with hopes that she would be the one agent who Chrys'tel would hesitate to assassinate.

Appearance and Personality

Shinae is stubborn, harsh, proud and impatient. Originally a firm believer in the values of the ruling class in her formative years, she was disgusted by the Val'Sarghress clan's rise to power. As a protector twin, she was wrought with strife over her status as a commoner-born noble, and often lashed out when people questioned her authority.

Shinae once had no interest in rocking the boat, hoping for a simple life as a Sharen noble. This led to a strenuous relationship with her sister Chrys'tel, who even now still believes in using her power to find the truth no matter the cost. Shinae and Chrys argued often, which often ended with with Shinae submitting to the will of her true-born sister in spite of her attempts to prove herself to Zala'ess.

After undergoing Snadhya'rune's merging ceremony to cure her tainting problems, Shinae underwent a dramatic personality change. No longer content to remain a scapegoat for her twin, she turned her loyalty to that of Snadhya'rune, having lost her desire to hide her contempt for Zala'ess and the other Sharen. Her behavior began to become more erratic, culminating in a confrontation with Chrys'tel after her attempt to assassinate Zala'ess was discovered. Considering herself free of her former bonds to the Sharen, Shinae continued her work as an agent of Snadhya'rune, hoping in time for a chance to see the world burn.

Shinae wore robes in pale purple tones during her youth, and later the teal armor worn by Sharen warriors after growing to adulthood. Her hair was commonly worn in a short bobbed haircut, with a side ponytail adorned by a cabochon clip. Currently, she wears the white armor of the Imperial Guard, and has grown her hair out, as her status no longer requires she cut it short. Now allowed to wear longer hair as an Imperial Overseer for Snadhya'rune, she wears it in a long tail tied along the back of her neck, with the sides cut short as it was in her youth. During her formative years, her eyes were tainted red, and now have swirled irises indicating that she has completed the merging ceremony.

Biography - Arc I

As Chrys'tel's protector twin, Shinae stood by her sister's side at all times. Her duty was to keep her Chrys'tel safe from harm and to support her wherever she went.

File:Val Girl Squad.jpeg
From left: Kyo'nne, Chrys'tel, Naal'suul, Shinae, and Kiel'ndia during their time at school.[1]

Chrys'tel's Capture

While walking with Chrys'tel and other friends from the Orthorbbae, Chrys ran off alone to investigate the sighting of Faen'arae Val'Sullisin'rune in a nearby alley. By the time the rest of the group caught up, Chrys'tel was already beaten and at the mercy of the Val'Sarghress heir, Ariel Val'Sarghress. Shinae was forced to run from the scene when Warden Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn appeared and tasked her templars with capturing the tainted girls. Shinae threw the non-tainted Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro into the arms of the pursuing templars to save herself.

Later, she regrouped with Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress and Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen. She had a brief altercation with Kiel during which she decided she would return home rather than launching a suicide mission to save Chrys. Under the rules of Vel'Sharen tradition, it was possible that if a true daughter was shown to be weaker than her twin, the protector twin could be given her sister's name and rank, essentially becoming a true noble.

Shinae hoped for this outcome, but was immediately thrown in prison and lightly tortured for her failure to save Chrys'tel. She was only freed when Chrys'tel escaped from the Val'Sarghress and returned home without Shinae's help. Though Shinae's position was restored, it was clear to her that their mother, Zala'ess, would always be biased towards her true daughter Chrys'tel[2].

Chrys'tel's Quest for Truth

Main article: Chrys'tel's Quest for Truth
File:Shinae Pressure Sorcery.jpeg
Shinae uses her rare pressure sorcery against Sate'ja Vel'Sharen.[3]

After Chrys'tel's capture, the twins grew distant. Shinae began to notice Chrys'tel's odd, distracted behavior while the pair were sparring, and Chrys'tel ultimately confessed that after meeting Sil'lice Val'Sharen at the Val'Sarghress fortress, she had been investigating the true status of the Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika. Chrys admitted to stealing one of Zala'ess' crowns for the keystone it held, an act the shocked Shinae reprimanded her for. Chrys insisted that it was important to find out what was going on, but Shinae pleaded with her to keep her mouth shut and her head down. Chrys eventually convinced Shinae to come with her to meet with Naal'suul and Kiel'ndia at the Val'Beldrobbaen fortress.

The four young Vals met to discuss their respective problems. With the Vel'Vloz'ress clan in a state of upheaval, Kiel'ndia planned to make a bid for control of the clan for the sake of saving all of Chel from sinister plots. Chrys'tel agreed on Shinae's behalf to help Kiel if in return Kiel and Naal would help probe farther into the secrets of the Vel'Sharen conspiracies. Shinae had no choice but to agree, but found herself incredibly frustrated that she couldn't just have a normal life like every other girl her age.

Depths of the Orthorbbae

The group's pact lead them first to the Orthorbbae, where they infiltrated a secret room in the basement. They found that the room was actually a freezer that held the corpses of drow who had been turned into living summons. They were quickly attacked by one such summon, Sate'ja Vel'Sharen. Shinae's pressure sorcery was effective at piercing Sate'ja's shields, but she was put out of the fight when Sate'ja drove an ice spike through Shinae's lower jaw.

Shinae survived but lost a few teeth. Naal'suul however was fatally wounded and lost control to her demon seed in the attack, leaving Shinae furious with Chrys for leading them into situations like this. Shine took her anger out on Kiel, who wanted to go back into the now demon infested freezer for Naal. The girls left and Chrys'tel insisted that they would still do everything they could for Kiel'ndia in her power play.

Kiel'ndia's Coup

Main article: Kiel'ndia's Coup

Shinae and Chrys served as moral support for a grieving Kiel. They saw Kiel'ndia through a successful takeover of her clan, an act which Shinae suddenly felt the ramifications of. She realized that her friend now held the reigns to one of the nine great clans and offered to kill Kiel'ndia now if Chrys wanted. Chrys said no, and the girls left to return home.

File:Shinae's Struggle.jpeg
Shinae is constantly forced between the wills of Chrys'tel and Zala'ess, leaving little room for any choice of her own.

Tensions with Chrys'tel

Despite Shinae's warnings of the obvious dangers, Chrys'tel could not stop searching for answers. She went to see the the royal Val'Kyorl'solenurn seer, and act seen by many Vel'Sharen nobles as light treason. When Zala'ess found Shinae away from Chrys'tel, she scolded her for her negligence. Zala'ess went on to tell Shinae that she was never to leave Chrys'tel's side again for both of their sake.

Chrys'tel and Shinae later attended a reunion of their school friends. Kiel'ndia and Kyo'nne joined them and the four discussed their accomplishments in recent months. Shinae was simply happy to have a drink with friends like old times. Kyo'nne confronted her about Shinae's betrayal when they were being chased by Val'Kyorl'solenurn templars, and Shinae responded casually that it didn't matter since no bad had really come of it. Kiel'ndia slapped Shinae for her lack of compassion, and she and Kyo both left on good terms with the Vel'Sharen sisters.

Chrys'tel then asked a nearby Vel'Sharen messenger boy, Kio'len, to take Shinae home to the Vel'Sharen palace. When Shinae protested and asked where Chyrs'tel was going, Chrys'tel threw her crown to Shinae and told her that if she wanted her rank so bad, she should just take it. Before Shinae could argue further, Chrys'tel left to return to the Val'Sarghress fortress.

The fuming Shinae ranted all the way back to the palace. She caused a scene when Kio'len said he wasn't interested in sleeping with her, and she threw Chrys'tel's crown against the wall when she returned to her room. Realizing what she'd done, she immediately set to work fixing the broken stones of the crown. Chrys'tel returned a day or two later, and Shinae offered her the now modified crown. Chrys'tel took it and admitted that they should be better sisters for each other while they still had the chance. Shinae quietly accepted this[4].

Biography - Arc II

Seeds Of Trouble Begin...

Gailen worries for Shinae, who is undergoing a difficult labor.

Years later, while the rest of Zala'ess' line departed for Nuqrah'shareh, a pregnant Shinae stayed behind with her mate Gailen Val'Nal'sarkoth. Her labor was incredibly taxing and painful, and the baby that was born was a horribly disfigured demon-child. Gailen made the call to burn the newborn before Shinae could see it.

Shinae was devastated by the loss, but was soon back on the battlefield. She delivered a message to her cousin, Nihi'liir Vel'Sharen in the slaver district to pull back in order to minimize Vel'Sharen loss. Nihi'liir, of course, refused to take the council of Zala'ess over her mother Sarv'swati and instead continued operations at the Sharen base in the Darya Lake districts. Shinae later encountered Farahang Siyah'khorshed, and asked the Black Sun to withdraw his troops from the Slavers District. He openly pondered the idea of defecting, as the Black Sun forces were sick of serving Sarv'Swati, and he had been considering moving on soon. Before he could commit to the idea, however, they were interrupted by alarms and warning shouts reporting the escape of recently captured Sarghress prisoners.

Even through her weakened state, Shinae responded to the call to action, and gave one last warning to Farahang to take his people away from the district and to the Sharen battle lines. Instead of leaving, she opted to stay behind, having caught sight of an old foe - Ariel Val'Sarghress. Deducing the other drow's disguised nature, Shinae battled the shapeshifted Ariel on the rooftops of the compound, with Ariel bringing up her twin's former status as a double agent. When Ariel offered for Shinae to join the Sarghress, Shinae refused, flying into a rage at the thought of being compared with Chrys'tel. Her anger caused her to repeatedly blast Ariel at point blank with pressure sorcery, throwing the Sarghress heir over the edge to crash on the ground below.

Her victory was short-lived, as she looked up from her place on the battlements to the sight of the Sarghress overrunning the Slavers District[5].

A Difficult Reunion

Some time after returning to the Sharen battle lines, Shinae waited with Saph'ala Vel'Sharen for the return of Zala'ess' vanguard. They met Chrys'tel, with Saph'ala giving their sister a warm greeting while Shinae looked on stoicly. When Chrys'tel asked how her child was doing, Saph'ala quickly excused herself and took Chrys's traveling companion Kyudosha aside in order to leave the sisters their privacy. Once alone, Shinae angrily snapped at Chrys'tel, accusing her of being up to her old spy activities again. With her jealous temper escalating into a rage, Shinae pointed out the honors that Chrys had received, such as an Overseer title and dragon while Shinae had been left at home to deal with the fallout. Her twin then attempted to placate her, commenting that she would rather have stayed home with her where it was safe. Instead of calming her, however Shinae lashed out again, striking her twin with her cane and causing Cahal to snarl at her protectively.

Hoping to calm both twin and dragon, Chrys ordered Cahal to flop over, exposing his belly to them and placing Shinae's there with her own - they were twins, and what was hers was Shinae's, including Cahal. Shinae broke down, and finally told Chrys'tel about the loss of her child. Chrys then told Shinae of her suspicions regarding their reproductive troubles - she had had problems of her own that she would rather not mention, as they paled in comparison to Shinae's experience[6].

Once they had been rejoined by Saphala and Kyudosha, Chrys advised them that she would be following a lead of great importance that would take her away from the clan until the end of the month. When Shinae commented angrily that she was being left behind, she offered to leave Cahal in Shinae's care. After her twin refused to take her dragon, Chrys'tel realized that Shinae preferred to go with her this time, despite it being a long distance. When Shinae commented that she could barely walk, Chrys'tel told her with amusement that thankfully, they had a mount for everyone.

The Felde Investigation

Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol, now joined by Shinae, returned to the Vloz'ress Fortress to embark on their journey with Kiel and her crew. They were also met by An'jin and Sara'hilana, who had been sent by their clans to join her mission in hopes of bringing the information about the conspiracy back to their matriarchs. After agreeing to obey Kharla's orders, Kiel allowed the two new additions to the "crew," and they set off for the city of Felde.

During their journey, Chrys's own set of personal troubles manifested, as she began to bleed profusely. Shinae tended her, assisting her with cleaning herself up and slamming the door in Kiel's face when their friend attempted to check in on them. When asked if this was the troubles that she spoke of, Chrys'tel admitted to Shinae that it was - their shared "troubles" were enough to convince her that what had happened to both of them was deliberate, and the reason she was driven to try to confront Snadhya'rune[7].

Once the group arrived at Felde, the Sharen siblings donned masks to match the rest of Kiel's crew, attempting to act as retainers to Kiel and Kharla'ggen. Splitting up, Nau and Shinae wandered away to investigate on their own, while Chrys remained with Kiel's group. With Bast accompanying her, Shinae walked along Felde's waterfront; as they wandered, she overheard Mel'arnach and Zhor discussing their parenting issues. Lamenting that they had been fortunate to have children, Shinae tried to ignore Bast's attempts to cheer her up, and blasted the demon into the lake - much to Bast's delight[8].

Despite not being in the direct vicinity of Snadhya'rune's gathering, Shinae was close enough to feel the effects of Shodun's spellsong, and was forced to her knees at the spellsinger's command while Bast watched on in concern.

The Search For A Cure

After rejoining Chrys'tel, the sisters continued to investigate Snadhya's tower, eventually meeting with An'jin again in the tower gardens. Having already searched th area, he reported that he had seen a suspicious group enter one of the structures. Despite Shinae's misgivings, Chrys'tel insisted that they continue their search, even knowing that Snadhya'rune had already identified them as Sharen agents. Finally discarding their masks, as it had become futile to continue to hide their faces, they wandered through the garden towards the building that An'jin had spoken of.

The building turned out to be a laboratory. Inside, samples of a beautiful mana flower were growing, as well as specimens of Jaal'darya origin in a large water tank and a nearby cage. Lying on the floor was a dying Jaal'darya researcher. Chrys'tel attempted to stop the woman's bleeding, but ultimately was unsuccessful. They spotted a vial of the same toxin that Snadhya'rune had shown the crowd the day before, but no sign of the cure itself. With her last words, the dying researcher implied that her work had been taken by the Sarghress intruders[9].

Later, they joined Kiel'ndia again, who attended another meeting with Snadhya'rune - this time to witness the execution of the squad of Sarghress infiltrators who had been captured. To their surprise, the execution was turned into a spectacle, with the airship's mana cannons being used to perform the deed. As the rest watched on in amazement at the display of power, Sara'hilana called Chrys'tel over, and quietly told her that she had the vial that Snadhya'rune's people were looking for.

Shinae confronts her inner demon, reaching an understanding and balance with the nether being during the merging process.

Merging With Her Inner Demon

Realizing it was time to leave now that they had secured a sample of the supposed antidote, the group gathered again in the tower halls, where they noted that An'jin had gone missing. A nearby crowd also had gathered to witness a modified tainting ceremony; when asked if she would be taking part in it in order to merge her demon seed, Chrys declined, feeling it unwise to put themselves under the First Daughter's influence.

Shinae, however, did not feel the same. Despite the reservations of her companions, she volunteered for the merging ceremony, feeling that she had nothing left to lose if it should fail. As the nurse demons assisted her with removing her armor and outerwear in preparation for the merging, Shinae was surprised to find that Snadhya'rune had already deduced her and Chrys'tel's identities and status as Sharen. She had recognized the seed within Shinae, and mocked the younger drow's choice of disguises. Snadhya'rune went on to confirm her reasoning for allowing the two Sharen to roam freely within the Felde tower: she firmly believed that nothing in their power would be able to do anything to stop her plans[10].

In order to help eliminate any internal problems that may affect her merging, Shinae was encouraged to share any of her doubts or concerns; Shinae admitted the loss of her child, and her suspicion that it was due to the seed within her. Snadhya'rune confirmed her suspicion, and explained that Zala'ess' seed had the ironic effect of degenerating her children into childless husks. She then asked Shinae if she wished to be free of the seed's effects, and was please when Shinae admitted she would do anything to be free of it.

With Snadhya'rune's guidance, Shinae confronted the demon seed within her. With the seed called forth by the elder summoner, she at first resisted the demon, fearing it. Eventually, she accepted the demon as a part of her, and the two entities finally merged successfully, listening as Snadhya'rune continued her monologue about her plans to lead those who would be willing to "change their ways" into a new era. As the new merging began to settle, Shinae was led back out of the chamber, and returned to her group.

Showing a serene smile and a new sense of inner peace, Shinae walked past her sister and to a nearby window, and gazed out at the Felde Lake. Ignoring her twin's questions of concern, Shinae commented about the beauty of the lake, and promised to be a good sister to her. Chrys tried to reassure her that she already was a good sister; continuing on with her serene musings, Shinae admitted that she was thinking of trying to have another child, and that Chrys should think about allowing Snadhya to "free" her too - there was still time before she had to return to Zala. She then informed Chrys that she was done with the Sharen - while she still considered Chrys her sister, she was done being a protector slave[11].

Escape From Felde

Afterwards, Shinae managed to leave the tower with Chrys'tel and Sara'hilana, returning to the Giant Turtle Summon to wait for their comrades to join them. Once the rest of the "crew" had returned as well - with the addition of Ariel Val'Sarghress and her squad - Sara revealed that she had in fact acquired a vial that had been hidden in her armor - the one she believed to be the cure for Snadhya's poison.

Upon their return to Chel, Shinae and Chrys made their way to the Sharen encampment, which had been temporarily camped at the Vel'Vloz'ress Fortress and its territory. While her twin reported their findings to Zala'ess, Shinae attempted to bring a tray of tea to the matriarch. Noticing a change in Shinae's demeaner, Zala'ess commented that she couldn't quite put a finger on what it was. She then asked after Shinae's child, wondering how the birthing went. Shinae then lied to her, reporting that the baby was fine. Zala congratulated her, and commented that the baby would make a fine protector twin for Zala'ess' next child before dismissing her.

Suspicious of her twin, Chrys'tel confronted Shinae, demanding that she show her her hands. As Shinae showed her empty hands to the overseer, Chrys asked her why she had lied about the loss of the baby. Shinae angrily asked her if she would have done the same - to Zala'ess, Shinae was nothing more than a womb that existed to provide her another servant. If she knew that Shinae's womb was tainted - or Chrys'tel's for that matter, would she still remain valuable to the matriarch?

The Puppeteer Incident

Taking advantage of the chaos filling the Sharen encampment as the clan fell victim to Kharla'ggen's puppeteer sorcery, Shinae found Zala'ess attempting to escape from her would-be killers. Slipping in amongst the afflicted, she attempted to stab her mother in the stomach with a heavy blade, only to find that Zala'ess had been using a thick pillow to mimic being pregnant. In desperation, Zala'ess emitted a blast of mana, and followed up with a punch to Shinae's jaw, ending her assassination attempt[12].

Once the Puppeteer Incident had been resolved, Shinae ran from her clan, knowing how Zala'ess had handled perceived disobedience or treachery from protector twins in the past. Pursued by Chrys'tel, Nona'brail and Sorn'mal, she used her pressure sorcery to evade and attack her pursuers, refusing to return to explain her actions. During the pursuit, she admitted that she had not been controlled by the strange puppeteer magic - the decision to make an attempt on Zala's life had been her own. During her attempts to resist, her ceramic armor was damaged, allowing her an improvised weapon. With the sharpened armor shard, she took Nona'brail hostage, buying time until an unknown agent assisted her escape[13].

Shinae would later cement her new loyalties, assisting Snadhya'rune's agents in attacking the Sarghress forces that marched against Snadhya'rune's personal tower in Chel.

A Showdown Between Sisters

After escaping the Chel tower, Shinae joined Snadhya'rune's group of agents, accompanying the First Sister as guests to the Nal'Sarkoth Fortress. She waited with the Sul trio while Snadhya met with the current Nal'Sarkoth leader, Viri'sylvia, and was forced to endure hazing from the three empaths as a form of entertainment. Alarm flares soon lit up the air above the fortress, and despite Viri'sylvia's assurances that they had the situation under control, the First Sister ordered Shinae and the Sul trio to prepare a welcome for the uninvited guests.

Shinae turns her rage on Mae'rali, refusing to allow the Sul sisters to kill her sister Chrys'tel.

Snadhya'rune's precautions would prove to be necessary, as the intruder who arrived rode a war golem that proved able to punch through the Nal'Sarkoth defenses with little effort. Shinae waited in the wings of the courtyard with Jiaan as the new arrival, Nishi'kanta, confronted Snadhya'rune, who attempted to sway her younger sister into joining her side. They were then attacked by additional infiltrators, who turned out to be Chrys'tel and An'jin, who had slipped into the fortress while Nishi'kanta acted as a distraction.

When Shinae attempted to engage Chrys'tel in combat, she was in turn attacked by another intruder, Sara'hilana. Barely dodging the Val'Balvhakara warrior's, she moved on to engage An'jin, using her pressure sorcery to shatter the column he was hiding against. As the battle between Nishi'kanta and Snadhya'rune began to escalate into a massive explosion which destroyed the courtyard, Shinae and Jiaan gave chase to Chrys'tel and her companions. When Jiaan was delayed by an altercation with Zhor and Mel'arnach, Shinae continued her pursuit of her twin, following her to an upstairs balcony.

Upon reaching the balcony, Shinae's empathically forced cheerfulness began to slip, with rage filling her words as she berated her sister. Accusing Chrys'tel of being stuck in the past, she then suggested that Chrys ought to be made to be her protector when everything was over, and made to see how she herself had felt her entire life. As Shinae spoke bitterly, she came to realize that if the clan were to die one by one, it would mean Chrys would die as well[14]. They were soon joined by the Sul trio, who ordered Shinae to throw Chrys'tel over the edge of the balcony, as Snadhya'rune would have need of them once the Nal'Sarkoth returned. As they began to use their power on Chrystel, Shinae refused their orders, insisting that she was keeping her sister. They continued their assault, insisting that it was not Shinae's choice to make, and shifted their attack to try to make Chrys jump herself from the ledge. To Chrys'tel's shock, however, the empathic control dissipated as Shinae hurled Sae'rali over the railing instead. The protector twin then turned her rage to Mae'rali, who attempted to retaliate against her with her empathic power. Shinae was able to resist, however, and endured the damage inflicted by Mae's empathy long enough to blast her back against the wall with pressure sorcery, crushing the Sul sister to death[15].

Chrys asked her apprehensively if she was back to normal; it was then that Shinae finally admitted that she wasn't - she had lost it when her child was "born". Again refusing Chrys'tel's attempt to convince her to return to the clan, Shinae told her sister to go - she was done with the Sharen, and would rather watch the world fall apart.

Confronting Zala'ess

Shinae would return to Chel again, remaining at Snadhya'rune's side as the First Sister met with Zala'ess. The Empress was surprised by the former protector twin's presence, and demanded to know if she had been working for Snadhya all along.


Shinae and Gailen attempt to reconcile with each other while walking through the Nal'Sarkoth forest.

Reunion With Gailen

Several days after the meeting and negotiations between Zala'ess and Snadhya'rune, Shinae returned to the Nal'Sarkoth Fortress, finding her way to the ruined courtyard. As she turned away from the site of Mae'rali's death, she encountered a surprised Gailen, who had been searching for her since the day their child was born. He asked her how she had been doing, much to her irritation, and questioned if she was still angry with him.

Shinae gave him a fake smile, which he saw through immediately. When she asked what he knew about genuineness, he gently reminded her of the times she used to smile, and how he loved that he had possibly been the only one who had seen that side of her. Gailen then invited her on a walk through the Nal'Sarkoth forest.

As they discussed the recent events and battle, he showed concern for her, as she had been present during the battle. She admitted that she had changed, and that she had never been truly mad at him - she had hated herself, which had kept her from seeking him out afterwards. Gailen then offered to help her remember the good times, and asked if she would be willing to give him a second chance[16].

Biography - Arc III

Shinae greets Chrys'tel, having been assigned as Snadhya'runes' latest agent within the Imperial Guard.

Liaison To The Imperial Guard

Three years later, Shinae was tasked by Snadhya'rune with joining the Imperial Guard, with hopes that she would last longer than her other agents who had been disappearing. Sporting new armor and a longer ponytail than she had been allowed as a protector twin in the past, she met with Chrys'tel and told her of her elevation to the position of overseer...for Snadhya'rune.

When asked why she was here with the Guard, as she had told Chrys'tel that she would ratehr watch the world burn, Shinae admitted that as a Guard, she had front row seats to the disaster that had become Chel, and loved to watch Zalae'ss suffer. Despite her own feelings on the matter, Snadhya'rune's faction did not want to see the Alliance fail, and wanted her to help keep it from crumbling.

She accompanied Chrys'tel to the throne room, afterwards, when Chrys'tel reported the newest events to the Empress. Zala'ess greeted her daughter with irritation, and Shinae with disdain, chastising Chrys for her recent actions. As Chrys was dismissed with orders to report to Snadhya'rune in an attempt to make amends, Shinae taunted her, telling her to get to it.

Notable Quotes

"You get everything. Titles, dragons, recognition, EVERYTHING! What do I get for my service to Mother, huh!?" - To Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen, expressing her rage that her loyal service is constantly overlooked in favor of her trueborn twin[17].

"I'm still your sister. But my days of caring for the survival of a clan that brought me in as a protector slave are over." - To Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen, after her merging ceremony.

"Where are you going, Chrys? I thought you wanted me to be your sister again!? Don't you want to bring me back!? Don't you want me at the feet of your mother!?!" - To Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen, during their confrontation at the Nal'Sarkoth Fortress.

"You should be asking yourself who isn't working for her?" - To Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, when asked if she had been working for Snadhya'rune[18].

"Happy...I don't know. But I am free from the world. Free to not give a fuck about anyone, or anything! I am free from being AFRAID." - To Gailen Val'Nal'Sarkoth, when he asked if she was happy with her new "self."

"Actually, I'm an overseer, for the big bad lady with purple hair. Know her? She tends to lose her people at an alarming rate. Guess I caught her eye. Or maybe someone is hoping we'd get along?" - To Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen, in response to her Chrys's comment that they would make anyone a Guard these days[19].

Character Concept