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Vanaheimr is home to a nation of reclusive Vanir that survived the destruction caused by the nether, protected by mountains and a deadly mana forest. Freya and Freyr are from this region, and Chirinide, Myou and Shan'naal travel here with a group of freed light elven slaves. Recently, they have opened up to talks with the Val'Kyorl'solenurn.


Vanaheimr is a mountainous region and a heavily forested area in the northern parts of the continent. Though the Vanir rule here, Halmes from Nagyescsed have been stretching farther and farther into their lands, sprouting villages like mushrooms and cutting down large swaths of the old forests that protect the region. In previous times, the halmes did not disturb the people of Vanaheimr, but when halme villages were recently discovered, the light elves took measures to exterminate the invaders. Halmes have also been capturing elves from this region for blood sacrifices held in their capital city.

The surrounding mana forest is controlled by the ruling caste. Visitors to this part of Vanaheimr will feel like they are being watched, because living dryads are in the forests and will attack intruders on sight with vines that constrict and impale--the only way to stop the assaults are to either set the trees on fire or be of the said ruling caste.

Beyond the mana forest is Vanaheimr proper, called Kveyka. The Vanir settled this region out of necessity, because the original home in the mountainous regions was safe, but rather cold and inhospitable. The old home was not abandoned however, for the people still use it as a place of refuge and for spiritual purposes. Kveyka is a city in the forests--buildings are built into the trees and accentuate the natural "look" of the woodlands. Buildings sport emblems and representations of the sun which says the Vanir of this region give importance to the day star versus the dark elven tradition of worshiping the nine moons. Mana Arts usage is sparse in Vanaheimr because of the need to be inconspicuous, thus revealing how this light elf tribe survived the Great Wars that tore other parts of the continent apart.

Based on Freyr's words of there being an enormous tree where only the roots remain, this may indicate that there was once a World Tree in Vanaheimr, like the one Mimaneid is built around.

The inner sanctum of the main palace.


There was once a king of this tribe, but he died long ago according to Freya--now the Vala Hudr (the closest drow equal to this would be "Queen Hudr") rules in his place with councilors at her side. One of these individuals is the father of Freya and Freyr, who vies for the title of Chancellor (to the drow, the closest equivalent is a king) to rule at the Vala's side--The Vala has no authority without one.

There is a strict caste system, so rigid and so indoctrinated that it would put Kyorl'solenurn segregation to shame--if you happen to be a slave-born Vanir, you are seen as being no better than garbage and will promptly be disposed of. Guards do not question their superiors and do as they're told; farmers and laborers live and die as their parents did. For this reason, the idea of a rebellion happening in Vanaheimr is alien. Only the proper castes may leave the valley and venture outside of Vanaheimr--most people do not leave these ground for their entire lives. Mixing of the sexes and races in public areas are strictly prohibited--females must bathe with females, drow must congregate with drow. Weapons and armor are also prohibited inside the main palace save for those proper caste that are allowed.

Vanir fashion in Vanaheimr appears to sport colors that blend in with the world around them--leaf green, earthy brown, burned orange, and so on. Unlike drow, Vanaheimr light elves are known to show their necks off, only covering them as part of the clothes they're wearing.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 42.