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Yaro is an ascended Capri and a former adventuring companion of Bale.

Appearance & Personality

Yaro is a male Capri with a purple eyes and white skin. He is somewhat shorter than average, with a thin build. He has red horns and hooves, the former of which arc sharply up from the sides of his head. Between these horns lies his ascended flame, which burns a vivid red. As a further change wrought by his ascension, he possesses two large wings akin to that of a bat, and his tail ends in a small fluke rather than fur as with most capri. He appears to favour plain attire, with a brown trousers and a comfortable of simple design - though of good make and well-cared for.

He is a soft-spoken man with a gentle demeanor, if somewhat sombre.


Yaro first appears at the home of Sibelle, having rushed to aid when informed of Bale's injuries.[1]

Notable Quotes

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Character Concept