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Yen the Duelist

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Yen was a Cetian hunter and duelist. While a competent hunter, they were slain in the attempt kill or capture Nine.

Appearance & Personality

Yen reveals their hidden maw and bites Yaro.[1]

Though their nature as a Cetian allowed Yen a limited ability to alter their form, that they chose was that of a humanoid being contained within a suit of armor. Their head, such as it was, resided in the helmet. Meanwhile, their mouth was located in what most beings would consider to be the torso - with Yen's armor being specifically designed to open and allow devastating bites from both teeth and sharpened edges of the chestplate. Though this alone provided them with sufficient means of attack, they also carried a bow and the blue dagger common to all duelists.

Yen was an intelligent and patient hunter, tracking and observing their targets for an extended time to determine an ideal moment to strike. While outwardly stoic and cautious in their initial approach, combat revealed a vastly more aggressive side in Yen, with a short temper and combat style bordering on feral.


Yen stalks Nine and Bale.[2]

Yen first appeared as one of the bounty hunters pursuing Bale and Nine after the latter was publicly identified as an Aesir. Showing some caution, Yen initially assessed this potential bounty from nearby alleys.[3] As Nine and Bale reached an elevator to the levels below, Yen and their fellow bounty hunters moved to capture or claim the fugitive pair. With Nine and Bale quickly driven into the elevator's shaft, Yen drew a bow and looked for an opening. Ultimately, no such opening appeared as the duo were quickly driven out of Yen's range and sight.[4]

Whether by skill or prior knowledge of Bale, Yen was able to track the pair to the home of Sibelle within the 4th Circle; though Yen again withheld immediate attack in favour of observing their quarry from the shadows.[2] Soon enough, Yen would sense an opportunity as Nine bathed alone and smashed through a window with their duelist's dagger drawn. The noise drew an immediate response from Yaro and Bale as they rushed into the room in defense of Nine.

Immediately recognizing Yen as a duelist from their dagger but unaware his foe was a Cetian, Yaro used his ascended abilities to telekinetically contort Yaro's body. With the attack ineffective, Yen took advantage of their opponents' surprise to open a concealed maw disguised within their chest plate and savagely bit into Yaro's arm. Though Yen was quickly driven back by an assault from Bale - with minor and ineffective attacks also made by Sibelle's caller and Nine - they soon redoubled their efforts. Beginning to show anger, they coldly demanded that Bale surrender the angel or face continuing attacks from other hunters - a demand furiously rejected by Bale.[1]

While Yen continued to battle with Bale, Nine slipped away to find a weapon more effective than a mere bucket of water. To her surprise, she found a collection of angelic weaponry in the nearby hallway, trophies or salvage possessed by Sibelle. Returning with an angelic glaive and activating its fiery blade, Nine expertly delivered a blow to Yen's helm, cleaving through metal and flesh. While Cetian bodies are naturally somewhat mutable and resilient, such an attack made with a weapon specifically designed to kill demons proved immediately lethal and Yen's lifeless body collapsed to the floor.[5]

Notable Quotes

"Fool. Surrender it to me. Be free of the hunts."[1] - Attempting to convince Bale to abandon his defense of Nine.

Character Concept

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