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Appeared in chapters                      21                                      

An independent Halme city bordering the wastelands and Niwaecer, and is friendly with Drow.


The halme City State of Haltonreibe is a trade center located between the southern Wasteland and the newly resettled northern Hermione territory. It was constructed as a tiered city, with markets and plazas sprawling along each level and mixed with homes of sandstone and brick architecture. The northern half of the city is more condensed, with farms spreading out in a half-circle arrangement north of the Spine[1]. The Great Wall runs through the center, separating the Wasteland from the resettled lands to the north.

Haltonreibe stands alone currently against a more recent arrival to the Old World – the Hermiones of Niwaecer[2]. The other independent city states have fallen to the Hermionnes through corruption, religious conversion or armed conquest, eventually threatening the future colonization of drow seeking to repopulate the Old World. The Halme citizens are fighting a "merchant's war," assisting those rebelling against Hermione influence by supplying the resistance with steel, weapons and other supplies


Haltonreibe is primarily a halme city, with very few elf and dwarf citizens. These halme appear to be on neutral or even friendly terms with the Illhardro, allowing trade to flow between the city and various Illhardro outposts on the way to Machike. Drow war bands are not seen very often within the city itself, and may be received with nervous looks and suspicion. It has recently received an influx of halme refugees; many have fled their original homes as they fall to the Hermiones, choosing to settle along the border of the Wasteland and Dokkalfar Pass.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.