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Momo is an especially curious Mothkin residing in the 4th Circle.

Appearance & Personality

Momo is is a short female Mothkin with blue eyes. Her hair and fuzz is almost pure white, with black patterns on her hands and feet. She has a bright and hyperactive personality, interacting cheerfully and excitably with those around her. While most Mothkin are naturally curious, Momo is especially so - the the point of being considered reckless even among her own people.

Biography - Arc I

Momo first appears as Bale, Sabine, Nine, and Cohlada are seeking transport to the surface from a local tribe of Mothkin. With Bale's warning, Nine stays behind to avoid drawing attention to her nature from the curious Mothkin. Shortly thereafter, an agreement is reached and two sets of Mothkin assemble to fly their Helian peers to the surface, with Momo among the group carrying Sabine.

With her comrades ahead of her, Nine abandons her effort to remain hidden and activates her harness' wings, revealing her angelic nature to all around her. While Nine and the others reach the surface safely despite causing a significant incident, it triggers a debate among the Mothkin as to the possibility of pursuing the angelic guest. While most elect to remain behind, Momo's powerful curiosity gets the better of her, and she rushes to follow despite the calls of her peers.

Notable Quotes

"<Delighted Agreement!!>" - Happily chittering in agreement to fly Bale, Sabine, and Cohlada to the surface.

Character Concept