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Sephie is a Mothkin and Handlers Guild bounty hunter currently pursuing Nine and Bale.

Appearance & Personality

Sephie is a tall female Mothkin with white fur and red eyes. She wears a long loose skirt & halterneck top to allow her wings freedom of movement, as well a plain headband; all are as vivid a red as her eyes. She carries no overt weapon, instead opting to use arcane bloodwork to convert blood vials into serviceable blades.

Sephie is unusually aggressive for a Mothkin and a skilled combatant, despite her kinds' reputation for frailty and avoidance of conflict. While her chosen profession is widely shunned by her fellow Mothkin as a potential source of trouble, Sephie maintains a close bond with Momo, another Mothkin that eschews their kind's typical passiveness and caution.


Sephie forms a pair of bloodblades to use against Nine & Bale.

Sephie first appears as one of the bounty hunters pursuing Nine and Bale, following the former being publicly identified as an Aesir, initially opting to assess her quarry from atop nearby buildings.[1] As Nine and Bale reach an elevator to the levels below, Sephie and her fellow bounty hunters move to capture or claim the fugitive pair.

Emptying a pair of blood vials and forming the contents into a pair of blades, Sephie flies down to the chain Bale and Nine are hanging from and partially severs it, leading to bail releasing the chain and falling deeper into the elevator shaft. While Bale is able to quickly grab hold of desiccated root in the shaft, it cannot bear his and Nine's combined weight and quickly snaps. As the pair plunge towards a lift platform below, Nine instinctively activates her angelic wings, slowing their fall and causing Sephie to briefly pull back.

While Sephie and the other bounty hunters watch from above, weighing their options in the face of Nine's newly displayed power, Nine and Bale recover their wits and flee into the tunnels leading to the 4th Circle.

Notable Quotes

"..."[2] - Silently reassessing Nine based on her recent display of angelic wings, despite the angel lacking a flight harness.

Character Concept

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