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Shai is an ascended Capri researcher and the mother of Sibelle.

Appearance & Personality

Shai is - or was - a tall Capri with shale skin and pink eyes. Her build is lean, and her facial features rounded and soft. She has long white hair, with two equally-white horns that curl upward from the sides of her face. As an ascended, she possesses a purple flame that rests between her horns. Her choice of clothing appears to have tended towards simple robes and dresses, with an added shawl around the shoulders for additional warmth.

Shai's personality was distinctly warm and maternal, especially towards her young daughter. However, her demeanor carried with it a certain desperation. And as she grew ever more engrossed in her research, so too did she grow colder and more distant. When research consumed her and she fell to corruption, that warmth ultimately disappeared entirely.


Shai falls to corruption.[1]

Shai first appears leading a young Sibelle through a nameless hollow as the pair traveled from their former home in a Muspelli colony to return to Shai's home in the lower circles. Dodging her daughters questions about her father, Shai masks her own concern and reassures Sibelle that the two of them will build an new life together.[2]

While their initial home in the Hanging City was relatively comfortable, Sibelle longed for the surface and those she left behind - especially her father. While acknowledging Sibelle's feelings and admitting part of her felt much the same, Shai had become engrossed in her research. Even as it began to harm her physical form, cracking her skin along her face, she stated her intent for the two to move deeper into Hel to a new home in the Sixth Circle.

Ultimately, Shai's continued reassurances would be proven false. Losing herself, she fell to the very corruption she researched; her visage twisted by nether energy, no longer capable of recognizing her daughter. Horrified, Sibelle set fire to their home. While Shai's fate is uncertain, it is likely she perished in the flames.[1]

Notable Quotes

"We'll build a new life. Just the two of us. We need no one else."[2] - Reassuring her young daughter on the trip into Hel.

Character Concept

Season 2: 2, 3