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Sibelle is a half-Muspelli Helian and core protagonist of Hel.

Appearance & Personality

Sibelle is a half-Muspelli with a lithe build and ashen skin. She has two orange horns that curl upward along the side of her head and underneath her red hair. Her eyes have usual pentagonal irises, in addition to heterochromia - her right eye is vivid red and her left eye is a pale khaki. Her body is thin with elongated proportions, most prominently in her arms and hands. Her teeth are long and sharp, arguably described more accurately as fangs.

She is an exceedingly crass and pragmatic being at heart, to the point of callousness. She will speak her mind bluntly, with little regard for others' feelings and no attempt to soften her tone. She is also possessed of a fiery temper and readily launches into fierce tirades when frustrated. As a result of these traits, her interpersonal relationships are rather volatile and prone to vitriol. That said, she is a loyal friend to those that make the effort to stick by her in spite of her many flaws.



Sibelle is a long-time friend and one-time lover of Bale; though the latter could charitably be described as a fling - and one that Bale had to unceremoniously retreat from afterward, at that. Though his idealism frustrates her to no end, they remain close friends and trust each other in tough circumstances.


Arc I

Sibelle first appears while attempting to contact Bale through the use of a caller in his home, warning him that others know he is harboring an angel. Unaware that only Nine was present, she bluntly suggested that the angels were too dangerous to keep alive, and that he should drain her body of valuable blood before disposing of the corpse. Needless to say, this did not put Nine at ease in her new surroundings, and contributed to her first direct interaction with Bale starting violently.

Later, she would appear in-person as Bale took Nine to Sibelle's home in the 4th Circle seeking assistance returning the fallen angel to the surface. Upon greeting her guests, she irritably confronted the pair, bluntly reaffirming her assessment that Bale should have simply killed her for her blood rather than harbor her as a fugitive. After a brief discussion in private assuring her that their only desire was to see Nine returned to the surface as swiftly as possible, Sibelle grudgingly offered her aid and departed for the markets to obtain a set of back-disks for Nine - though not before insulting Nine's odour and suggesting she bathe.

Upon her return, she found her home to be the scene of a brief skirmish, with the corpse of Yen in the main room. This led an irate, if short-lived, outburst of insults. After calming herself and received an explanation, Sibelle gifted Nine with a flight harness that would allow her to return to the surface.

Notable Quotes

"Angels only attract trouble." -Unwittingly speaking to Nine through Bale's caller.

Character Concept

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