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The worlds of Drowtales heavily invests in technology alongside the use of sorcery that powers the drow creations. Modern engineering was developed from traditional summoning as a means to compensate for the ever increasing lack of available summons to use. Engineers worked to create machines to aid the drow in every aspect of their lives, from personal golems created to make life easier to giant war golems made for all-terrain campaigns.


Kinetic Weaponry

Non-mana weapons like trebuchet, ballistas, dwarven cannons, catapults, and the like are used in conjunction with mana-powered weapons like golems and hand cannons. Although they are heavy and impractical unless mounted on a wall or a golem, they are useful for taking out large golem units [1].

Dwarven and Black Sun cannons are loaded and lit conventionally.

Balvhakara Hand Cannons

Solely powered by mana, Balvhakara hand cannons are light and carry rechargeable ammunition. Sara'hilana Balvhakara uses one of these weapons liberally, although she is unable to make a dent in the armor of an Illhar'dro siege golem. Sara's weapon in particular releases mana as if it were steam when it overheats. In the case of the canon is basically something that pulls out of a core the amount of energy required to make a very big mana ball, so that the canon then throw outward with an air focus push. When the core is depleted, the user can charge it back up or just replace the core with a full one. It’s not as powerful as a real canon, but it doesn’t have the drawbacks such as recoil and heavy ammunition.


Golems for Personal Use

Golems are so prevalent in every day life that there is nearly a golem for every need. The Val'Beldrobbaen is an engineer clan that mostly use their golems for a variety of personal uses in the place of slaves, and their cousins the Balvhakara share a similar method of using golems.

Floaters (such as Kyo'nne's concert floater), Khal'harror's eight-armed drum set and mana-powered lifts are examples of practical-use golems.

Siege Golems

Quadrupedal siege golems come in a variety of shapes and designs according to each clan, but Sharen, Illhar'dro, and Balvhakara siege golems are the most prevalent. Sharen war golems are in the shape of a dragon, Illhar'dro goelms are stylized to look like birds, and Balvhakara golems are crab-like and able to move underwater. Sharen golems sometimes sport open spaces for which the driver is seemingly exposed, but protected by a mana shield. The extremely large Sharen golems are capable of demolishing clan fortresses[2], but require an immense amount of mana to maintain, resulting in the use of slaves as mana batteries[3].

The drawback of using a siege golem is that it takes an immense amount of mana to maintain. Illhar'dro golems require two people (and Balvhakara golems; three) to control the golem: one to steer, and the other to switch out depleted mana cores that keep the golem operational. Siege golems can also become a tomb for the drivers should the golem run out of power or the entry be blocked[4].

Single Unit Golems

Although the Kal'yantra clan are most known for lending this type of tech to the Val'Sarghress, bipedal war golems that can fit a single person are used by most clans, such as the Val'Sullisin'rune with Slyand'iss guarding the gate to the Sul's dome. These smaller war golems serve to move into close quarters that siege golems could never get into, and provide extra support to ground troops [5].

The drawback of these units is that like siege golems, they require a tremendous amount of mana on the count of the user in order to function. They can also be a deathtrap should the golem tip over and block the door opening on the Kal'yantra models.

Nishi'kanta once created a unique model that could traverse large stretches of land in mere moments, and possessed a large foci that generated both earth and metal sorcery affects. The results were devastating for enemy troops, as the golem unit bypassed defenses with eased, and liquefied what it could not.[6]

Information Tech

Whispering Towers

The Illhar'dro have many technological advancements in their western city of Nuqrah'shareh, and Whispering Towers are one of them. These are tall poles that transmit messages across space in a matter of moments, and are valuable assets on the field of battle.

During the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War, Whispering Towers were destroyed by the rioting commoners, cutting off forces from each other and halting communications [7]. Kal'yantra and Sarghress engineers appear to have acquired this technology as well, to be used in the war against the Vel'Sharen, as Serena is seen building one for the Sarghress clan in the North Cliff district.

Monitoring Golems

These types of golems are used to monitor and observe from afar. The user sits at a control panel while the golem hovers around an area recording all it sees. The Sharen team investigating the Illhar'dro's revived ancient ship were being spied on by remote control golems being used by one of Snadya'rune's accomplices [8].


Tablets work as they would work in the real world and works similar to the control panel of the Monitoring Golem type. They are mostly used by the Sharen troops to monitor war situations remotely. The tablet is touch-screen and displays troop formations, enemy locations, and battle tactics. Both Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen [9] and Kau'shala Val'Sharen [10] were known to use them.

Power Armor

Balvhakara Power Armor

Balvhakara power armor is full body plate armor but is light enough to allow for jet propulsion in the feet and arms [11]. Hidden blades are in the arms of the suits, and the wrists can spray boiling hot steam into the faces of enemies. The power armor comes with a built in shield that can block most mana attacks, such as spellsong shrieks. However, when nether is introduced, the power armor become inoperable.

Once the user enters the surface world, the mana running the power armor starts to evaporate because of the lack of mana and turning it into a mere suit of armor [12].

Ancient Technology


Airships were once a staple mode of travel in the Moons Age, but how to build one was lost along with majority of Dokkalfar technology when the demons invaded. However, the Illhar'dro clan managed to reconstruct an ancient zeppelin that is operational [13]. Flight is possible thought the combined use of a massive floating stone affixed to the bottom of the ship and propellers powered by the ship's engine. Airships overcome the debilitation of a mana-less world by having that large engine being fed by mana cores [14].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 46.