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Vaas'tile Val'Balvhakara

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Appeared in chapters                                                         56   

Vaas'tile is a Balvhakara engineer working in the Sharen Alliance.

Appearance & Personality

Vaas'tile is a lightly-built male drowolath with golden eyes. He has dark wavy hair left unstyled and shoulder-length. He wears a long padded vest over a simple robe of yellow and black. If forced into battle, his favoured weapon is a simple warhammer.

He is a dour and formal individual, preferring the comfort of his work to that of most company. Though his demeanor is aloof, he is not rude so much as he is terse and asocial. He is almost excessively dedicated to his craft, with a strong perfectionist streak that heavily drives him. This often results in him throwing work out to start from scratch, to the point that it heavily disrupts his sleep as he obsesses over minute design details.

Biography - Arc III

Vaas'tile and Himani'khuni attended Zala'ess' council meeting with representatives from the Beldrobbaen, Kyorl'solenurn, and Jie'yen clans. He staunchly stands against the idea proposed by Yakuise to continue purging the demon outbreak, declaring that the clan was not welcomed in Beldrobbaen territory.

Notable Quotes

"You will never be granted access to the Beldrobbaen home."[1] - Countering the suggestion that a stray nether gate may be inside one of the clans' grounds.

Character Concept