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Val'Illhar'dro Fortress

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The Illhar'dro fortress and their holdings in southwestern Chel'el'Sussuloth are dotted with greenery and masterfully carved architecture, reflecting the clan's emphasis beauty and art. It neighbors are the Vel'Sharen and the Val'Dutan'vir ruins.


The fortress is constructed much like a stylized tree, with a large, central column and elegant arches branching out towards various homes and buildings. The stone itself is white with grey and silver accents, and carved with stylized branch motifs to emphasize the Illhar'dro clan symbol. Many climbing vines and shrubs decorate the fortress, enhancing its natural shapes and beauty. Unlike the island fortress in Nuqrah'shareh, the Chelian Illhar'dro fortress is landlocked, reaching upwards in multiple tiers instead of sprawling out.

Within the fortress and adjacent to one of the many balconies overlooking the rest of Chel'el'Sussuloth is a large aviary[1]. Within the aviary is a variety of tamed songbirds, some of which may be used for messenger service.


Most of the Illhar'dro housed within the fortress are Chelian, with the occasional visitor from Nuqrah'shareh. Students are often transferred between the two Illhar'dro holdings in order to broaden their horizens and further enhance their education [2].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 41.