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Appeared in chapters                                                          57  

"Reaper" is a member of the Nidraa'chal acting as one of Snadhya'rune's agents within Chel.

Appearance & Personality

Reaper is a male drowolath with a lean build and yellow eyes. He has short red hair left rough and unstyled. His most distinguishing features are an eyepatch and clipped right ear, each the result of separate incidents. He wears the standard white combat attire of a Feldian soldier. His favoured weapon is a short sword.

He is a very laid back and extroverted individual, with an affable demeanor that is adept at making a good impression. Though he has a morbid moniker, it is by his own admission something of an ironic joke, as he is generally carefree and does not hold on to grudges. While firmly loyal to the Nidraa'chal, he is a moderate within the clan, preferring to remain relatively neutral with regards to his leader's more secretive plots and manipulations. Notably, he has opted not to undergo tainting, feeling it allows him to interact amongst the various clans with less suspicion.

Biography - Arc III

Reaper first appears as the Sarghress march on the council dome under the banner of a newly crowed Ariel. Alongside Bargrez, he helps man a set of cannons that unleash a devastating salvo against the Sarghress column.[1] However, the Sarghress move quickly to respond, sending a trio of golems to support an assault on the artillery position. As the cannon next to him is destroyed, Reaper quickly falls back to another nearby, discharging it point-blank into the golem piloted by Koana.[2]

Notable Quotes

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