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Femi Val'Jaal'darya

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Femi is a Jaal scientist who discovered the deadly surface flower used as a tool for the Nidraa'chal.

Appearance & Personality

Femi is a ver'drowendar with the large batlike ears and orange hair color of her clan, wearing a green gem in her forehead and donned in brown cloak and cream pants. She carries a satchel filled with vials of the deadly poison she developed.

Biography - Arc I

Femi and her assistant led an expedition with the Blue Banner relic hunter group to the old world. They searched in the Amaranth forest and discovered the ruined dokkalfar nation's capital, where the Blue Banner was allowed to loot whatever they found. Seemingly by chance they came across an elf corpse covered in fungal spores, but thought nothing of it and instead aimed for the loot. All the while, Femi had mana shielded herself as the group celebrated--she instead opted to keep her distance.

As the expedition headed back for the underworld, Femi speaks of a successful mission, and that Ill'haress Asira'malika would be pleased. In truth, this was a test set up by Femi to observe the effects of the spores on the unsuspected relic hunters--the very same mana plant that brought doom on Blossom's underground nation. The infected relic hunters were to die in the name of science.

Biography - Arc II

Her daughter Wafay noticed her testing and underhanded dealings with the Nidraa'chal and went to the Val'Sarghress to seek help in rooting them out. However, by then Femi had already taken her samples and converted them into convenient vials of a painful insanity-inducing liquid. Thanks to her efforts, Snadhya now had a tool to give to minions willing to grow her tainted empire, through extortion and threatening the lives of Chel'el'Sussoloth's clan leaders.