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Ariel's Direwolf

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Ariel's Direwolf is an as-yet unnamed Direwolf gifted to Ariel after she was assigned to a Sarghress squad under the command of Sar'nel.

Appearance & Personality

Ariel's Direwolf is a large female Direwolf with blue eyes. Her fur is predominately black, although she has a large patch of white fur from her snout to her underside. While the fur around her eyes is black, she has a white patch of fur in a shape reminiscent of a pair of connected crescent moons.

Ariel and Faen shower the young pup with affection.[1]

As a pup, she was a friendly and affectionate animal, especially towards Ariel. However, the years apart from Ariel caused that formative bond to disappear, no longer recognizing Ariel as her master. As with most Sarghress wolves, she is aggressive and well-trained, making her well-suited to the close-quarters combat favoured by the Sarghress. However, in the absence of commands to attack, she displays lingering, if wary, traces of affection.

Biography - Arc II

Ariel's Direwolf first appeared shortly after Faen joined Ariel as an unofficial member of Sar'nel's squad.[2] As the group stopped at the kennel to retrieve Sar'nel's own direwolf mount, Ariel took the opportunity to introduce Faen to the young pup, greeting her warmly and expressing joy at the prospect of fighting beside her once she was fully-grown. With the Squad preparing to depart on a patrol to the Sullisin'rune dome, Ariel gave the beast a final affectionate pat before returning to her duties.

Biography - Arc III

A Hostile Reunion

The next five years saw Ariel's Direwolf mature into a fully grown war-wolf, capable of rivaling even the Sharen dragons in battle. As fate would have it, she was one of the many warwolves used by Sang's Assault Legion as they pursued Ariel's splinter faction to the Kyorl'solenurn colony of Shikomei.[3] Recognizing the wolf's distinctive markings, Ariel made an attempt to placate the creature rather than treat her as an enemy. However, years of separation left the wolf with no recognition of Ariel and she leapt to attack her assigned quarry without hesitation. An arrow from Shan striking her in the shoulder was sufficient to halt her attack, though Ariel pleaded with her allies to spare the wolf's life, much to the irritation of Chakri.[4] Injured, it limped away from the heart of the battle with the other wounded war-wolves.

Ariel's former wolf no longer recognizes her former master.[5]

A Tentative Bond

While Ariel's "Wolfpack" was able to elude capture at Shikomei by fleeing aboard the Airship, Sang's pursuit was relentless. An attempt was made to strike at Snadhya'rune's holdings in Felde in an attempt to incite a conflict between the legion and the city's defenders. Ultimately, while the city was devastated in the ensuing battle, the Wolfpack's plans ended in failure and defeat. With Ariel and her faction now prisoners of the Sarghress, Ariel's Direwolf accompanied Kor'maril as he spoke with the former heir of her possible fates.[6] While initially intending to place Ariel on trial or use her as a stabilizing figurehead, the death of Sang left the Sarghress with no strong remaining leaders capable of maintaining unity. As Kel'noz insisted Kor'maril's use of Ariel as the only remaining hope, she made a tentative attempt to renew the bond with her former wolf as it warily returned her affections.[7]

Return to Chel

As the legion returned to Chel, Ariel's Direwolf remained in the company of Kor'maril as the convoy was confronted by Chrys'tel over the recent events in Felde.[8]

Notable Quotes

"WOooo."[9] - Cheerfully greeting its master.