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Gen'inidia Jie'yen

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Appeared in chapters                                                47            

A lecherous Jie'yen warrior-monk serving in the Sharen Alliance.

Appearance & Personality

Gen'inidia is a lean and wiry drowolath, with green eyes and a strong jaw. His head is shaven and covered in Jie'yen facial markings, as befitting Jie'yen tradition. Though he displays a measure of Jie'yen stoicism, he has perverted side to his personality; often being punished for such acts as theft of lingerie.


He is first seen during the Puppeteer Incident orchestrated by Ni'bai, having lost control of his body to Kharla. He is forced to make an attempt on the lives of Quain'tana and Zala'ess, though the pair manage to escape the crowd. Once Kharla's control is broken, Gen'inidia can be seen aiding Jhane onto his feet as the latter recovers from the effects of Zala's foci.

Following Kharla's death and the defeat of the Demon God, he witnesses the birth of a formal truce between the Sharen and Sarghress alliances. However, Sarv'swati arrives and challenges Quain'tana to an honor duel. Not wishing to risk this newfound peace, Zala'ess orders her forces to apprehend her sister. He moves with Jhane to subdue the rogue Sharen, but is intercepted by Nir'naya, who insists the two males not involve themselves in the battle between the two women.

Notable Quotes

"I can't stop myself." -Upon receiving yet another whipping for his transgressions.

Character Concept