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Iwan Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                         24* 25*  27*                                
Appeared in side stories A Small Discovery , Island of Sea and Sky

A Highland Raider who led Vaelia's first mission with the Raiders.

Appearance and Personality

Iwan is a slightly tall male drow, with dark auburn hair pulled back in a tail behind his ears and blue eyes. He wears the standard gold armor assigned to the Raiders, along with a the red cloak of command. While fairly new to commanding a squad, Iwan has been shown to be strict, knowledgeable, and fair, both good qualities in developing young talent and turning them into experienced Raiders.

Iwan initially shows dislike for Vaelia due to the fact that someone had pulled strings to get her into the Raiders, and not because of her race. He showed fairness, however, allowing her a chance to prove herself to the Raiders in her own way.

Biography - Arc I

Fallen Island

Main article: Vaelia's Path
Iwan uses his water affinity to help settle the waters surrounding Nuwa.

Iwan led a group of Highland Raider rookies to the topmost floating island in the Nuwa area, using his rare water affinity to help guide the boat while the others paddled. Once they located a solid place to tie their boat, the team of Raiders made their way toward the nearby island, with Iwan advising them to use the smaller floating rock pieces that littered the area. Iwan began to teach the inexperienced Raiders the trick to navigating the floating rocks, which Nom'ina commented was much like the floaters at the Othorbbae [1]. After complaining initially at the ill luck of getting stuck with the one goblin in the Raiders, he later retracted his comment after Vaelia showed herself able to maneuver a flying rock without assistance. [2]

During their trek towards the old Jie'yen ruins, Iwan showed patience as Vaelia began to ask questions about the Raiders and what they were seeking. After Kaito picks up the odor of fish, he commented that they were near the ocean, so it wasn't that surprising. Shortly afterwards, the group stumbled across a basket of rotting fish, causing Iwan to comment that they weren't alone on the island. To the group's surprise, a small glowing dragon leapt out of the nearby shrubbery, making off with the basket. After Kaito spoke of disappointment that they couldn't capture the dragon, Iwan pointed out that they wouldn't have been able to bring a dragon back with them anyway and that they would notify Quill'yate of the find.[3]

The team continued to explore for hours, with Iwan patiently answering any and all questions from the rookies. As sunset rose, they completed their investigation of a ruined tower, which they found to be flooded and would require expert divers to further explore. The drow then caught the sound of someone speaking. Realizing that it was Vaelia's language, Iwan allowed the Emberi to lead the way, trusting her to investigate on her own - the source of the odd language turned out to be Emberi fishermen. [4]

A Little Effort In Communication

Iwan gives Vaelia a chance to prove herself by negotiating with the Emberi fishermen.

After Vaelia was able to negotiate with the fishermen for passage to Samoi, Iwan thanked them for their service and asked that they return in a week's time. While they waited for the sea-sick team members to settle themselves, he and Vaelia conversed regarding what the drow considered valuable. He explained that gold had little value, as it was a weak metal that didn't take mana well, and was only useful as a decorative material. After stating that they could live like Illhars if they wanted on the island, Nom'ina asked why they didn't do so; Iwan pointed out that it would mean dying early and alone, describing how good it felt to return home to Chel. After warning Nom Nom to not scare the locals, they continued towards the center of the island, with Iwan explaining their location as being a week's travel from Nuqrah'shareh, on the North-eastern tip of the Nuwa Isles with another small continent to the North-west. [5]

The next day, the Raiders arrived at what they thought would be a dark elf ruin. To their surprise, it appeared to be inhabited by Emberi. After Vaelia and Kaito quarreled over whether or not to kill the Emberi, Kaito kicked Vaelia's bag, revealing that she had smuggled a locust from the supply building they had cleared out before the mission. Iwan confronted her, telling her that she had better have a good reason for smuggling what they considered to be a pest. Vaelia quickly bowed on the ground in front of him, begging forgiveness for the deception, claiming that Chu was not a locust but a good earth spirit, and begged him to spare the small fae since without Chu, she was a burden to them. [6] Telling the drow again that there was no need to kill anyone, she begged for a chance to prove that she could get the Emberi to provide valuables to the Raiders without bloodshed.

Iwan shows surprise at the potentially valuable mana-bearing sap stones that Vaelia brings back without any bloodshed, admitting that he is truly impressed.

Iwan stated his dislike for her, as he still suspected she was a liability and that if the commander hadn't pulled strings, she wouldn't even be there. He then told her that they were the Sarghress, and that they were all there to prove themselves. Telling her that this was her chance, he allowed her to make an attempt to negotiate with the village, with Nom'ina and Taro supporting the decision and saying that everyone needed a chance. [7]

Later that day, Vaelia returned, leading a bird that had been loaded with crates. To Iwan's surprise, she opened the crates, revealing one of them to be filled with mana-bearing sap. He expressed surprise, not knowing that plain sap could be made into a mana-bearing jewel, and admitted to Vaelia that he was impressed - perhaps he was wrong about her. [8]

Notable Quotes

"I'll be honest with you. I don't like you, you are a liability in the squad. If the commander hadn't pulled strings, there'd be no way you'd have been accepted anywhere. But...we are Sarghress. We are all here to prove ourselves worthy in a form or another. This is your chance." - To Vaelia, giving her a chance to prove herself to the Raiders.

"Sharess' mammaries! I didn't know plain sap could be made into a jewel. Now that's going to sell well. And it's light, too! Vaelia. I am impressed. Perhaps I was wrong about you." - To Vaelia after her return from her negotiations with the Samoi fishing village.